Once you’ve arrived in Athens, possibly after a very long flight you will likely be keen to get to your Athens hotel. You will want to rest and freshen up or get straight into discovering the many wonderful things to see and do that the city offers. But what are your choices when it comes to Athens airport transfers?

Private Transfers from Athens Airport

There is nothing better after a long flight than seeing someone holding up a sign with your name on it. As they take your bag and whisk you off to your nice airconditioned car you truly feel like you are finally on holidays!

Our partners specialise in private transfers. They have both cars and minivans and can take you to your hotel or to Piraeus port or even Rafina or Lavrio ports too.

They have new vehicles, speak perfect English and charge a flat fee that you can book online.

We think their prices are already very reasonable but if you use this button to book you will receive a further 5% off!

athens airport transfers

Taxi’s from Athens Airport

In Athens taxis drivers, like many cities, can be a bit hit and miss. When you exit the airport terminal you will see many yellow taxi’s waiting outside Exit 3 and even in the busiest times there is never a wait for more than a few minutes.

Most of the time the experience will be fine but make sure you negotiate a flat fee in advance which should not exceed €38.That price increases to €54 between midnight and 5:00am.

Hire Cars

If you have are a confident driver you may want to hire your own car, particularly if you are heading off on a road trip in Greece.

The Car Rental booths are easy to find as you exit customs as are their parking bays which are across the road from the main terminal at the far end.

We use and recommend Sixt and Europcar.

Further reading : Driving in Greece

Buses from Athens Airport

There is an airport express bus for €6, which run 24/7 and is especially convenient for late flights. The buses depart from the arrivals level at the airport and take around an hour to reach the center of Athens.

The E96 bus will take you to Pireaus port if you need to connect with a ferry.

For more information see the official KTEL website.

The Metro from Athens Airport

There is a very convenient and efficient airport Metro that runs via Metro’s Line 3 (Blue Line) which now goes all the way to Piraeus port.

If you are staying in the historic center you will want to exit at either Syntagma or Monastaraki stations.

You will hear people say it is rife with pickpockets and it can get busy once you start to arrive at the more central stations but on the occasions I’ve used it I’ve seen no evidence of anything untoward. Like any Metro in any big city in the world it pays to ensure your bags and valuables are secure and that you remain vigilant.

When you exit the Airport Terminal at Gate 3 you will need to cross the road and use the stairs or escalator to reach the pedestrian overpass from Level One that leads directly into the Metro Station.

There are both manned ticket booths and ticket machines that use 7 languages.

Fares are:

One-way ticket: € 8.00
A one-way ticket for 2 persons: € 14.00
Return ticket: € 14.00
One-way reduced price tickets: € 4.00
Children under 6 years: Free

It may be worth your while buying a pre-paid Athena Card. It can be used for up to 90 minutes at any time over the course of 5 days and is rechargeable.

Fares with an Athena Card:

90-minute ticket: € 1.40
24-hour ticket: € 4.50
3-day tourist ticket: € 22.00
5-day ticket: € 9.00

athens airport
athens metro route
Athens Metro network
athens airport metro station
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athens metro
Airport Metro
athens train station
Syntagma Square Station
Pireaus Port Metro Station

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athens taxi

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