Greek mythology and history

Greece is renowned for its rich history and fascinating, colourful past.

History buffs will be enthralled by tales of conflict, passion and betrayal as centuries of occupation by Byzantines, Ottomans and Venetians sit side by side local folklore and mythology dating back to the beginning of mankind.

For those interested in architecture and archeology there is a plethora of ruins, artifacts and structures that to this day both baffle and impress for their engineering and structural integrity and design.

Mythology and religion are of course the stuff of legends with Homers Iliad and the Odessey just a small sample of the stories that shaped the country and indeed much of the ancient world. There are endless stories of Gods and Mortals, good end evil, love, honour and betrayal and religious rituals and customs that continue in the modern world.

No visit to Greece is complete without exploring some of these elements, whether its the more popular ancient sites or following the footsteps of the heroes and legends.