Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information you’ve come across about Greece and the number of decisions you need to make?

Prefer to book things yourself rather than rely on a travel agent on the other side of the world or one that hasn’t visited Greece at all?

That’s where my customized Greece travel planner services come in.

This includes:

  • Itinerary Setup, such as how many days to spend in each city/country
  • Recommendations for hotels
  • Ideas for activities including off-the-beaten-path ones
  • Advice on frequently asked questions, such as travel visas, the best time of year, weather, events and what to pack
  • Suggestions for local, authentic dining, great bars and other food or wine-related activities
  • Arranging private local guides or drivers if possible
  • Helping to book transfers and transport
  • Best routes for road trips as well as important driving information
  • Guidance and important tips for first-time visitors


And it’s created just for you!! 


Here’s how it works.

1. Select a time in the online calender below.

Be sure to include any important information such as:

      • Dates of travel
      • Where will you be travelling from?
      • How many people and what ages( roughly)?
      • If the trip a special occasion? ( graduation, anniversary etc…)
      • What are your likes and interests?
      • What is your travel style – ie. Budget, mid-range, luxury
      • Anything else that’s relevant that I should know

2.  The booking engine will take you to a payments page that accepts numerous ways to pay including credit cards.

3. You will receive a confirmation email as well as an email reminder 24 hours before the session time.

4. At the arranged time I will call you via Facebook Messenger. 

5. If you already have a rough itinerary/plan mapped out we will go through that and I will provide feedback. Together we will adjust and modify based on the best outcomes for you.

6. If you haven’t really started planning we can curate a bespoke itinerary together that you will book yourself.

7. We will likely refer to articles on my website, Google Maps, the Facebook Group, Podcast and other information on the internet so if you have access to the internet at the time that can be helpful.

8. Where possible I will help you make live bookings, especially for things like hotels and activities. It can be a big relief to get this out of the way and locked in!

9. After the consultation I can often provide you with an email covering the key things we spoke about and confirming any other steps you may need to take. This can include links for things like transfers, restaurants and anything else we discussed.


Note: I am not a travel agent, so any transportation, activities and lodging reservations for your trip will need to be made by you. I will help you decide and smooth over your decision-making process, but I don’t make reservations on your behalf, nor accept any responsibility for any changes to your bookings.



Customized travel planning costs US$195 per hour.

One hour will cover trips up to 14 days. If you require more than this you can book two consecutive sessions.




My name is Sandy Papas and my website is called Greece Travel Secrets.

Over the past few years, it has become one of the leading sources of information on the internet about travelling to Greece. I read hundreds of news articles, books, travel advisories and other information each month to make sure my data is up to date and helpful.

My husband is Greek and we live in Australia. We travel to Greece each year, as tourists – just like you. We stay in hotels, catch ferries and wrangle suitcases, hire cars and sunbeds and umbrellas. We visit old favourites but always include new places to explore on our itinerary too.

We have travelled to Greece with young children, teenagers, young adults, elderly parents and friends in big groups as well as a couple. I’ve even been there on my own.

I also have the only Podcast about travelling to Greece and a very active Facebook Group too.

In my previous life, I’ve worked in HR/Finance in consulting, management and project roles. I’m highly curious, well organised and love travel, wine, books, food and fashion. My last manager once told me my strength is ‘solving problems, and with humour’ and I hope that’s what I can do for you!