Sometimes the best plans simply don’t go according to plan. Your longed-for and carefully researched and planned trip to Greece can’t go ahead, for reasons you just can’t control. But don’t despair, there are ways to still enjoy a Greek experience from the comfort of your own home. Here’s how to enjoy a great virtual Greece vacation!

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Read books set in Greece

There are some wonderful books to read about Greece that truly do carry you there in spirit.

Some are fiction, some are non-fiction and others cover Greek Mythology. Many of these have been responsible for our personal itineraries when exploring Greece and have shone a whole different lens on the many locations, fables, and legends that we had perhaps heard growing up or had read about.

These are our favourites.

Listen to a great Greek song playlist

Here’s a great Greek song playlist that covers 20 very popular favourites including classic hits, Bouzoukia and contemporary chart-toppers as well.

Especially good to play while cooking and eating the Greek food!

learn greek dance

Learn Greek dancing- Opa!

It’s impossible to hear Greek music and not feel the desire to get up and dance. The locals all seem to have been born doing it intuitively, and many are not too hard to learn.

Here’s 7 of the most popular dances to know about including some that you can learn at home.

You’ll be all ready to join in on your next visit!

Cook delicious home style Greek food

Make your own Greek dishes and fill your home with the aroma’s and flavours of Greece.

Easy to follow, healthy and mouthwatering, we’ve got a number of recipes for you.

Take a virtual tour

See the Acropolis, Mycenae, The Acropolis Museum, Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Ancient Agora of Athens without leaving home.

With full audio narrative and 360-degree footage, these virtual tours of ancient Greek sites will make you feel like you are right there!

Watch movies shot in Greece

Marvel at the incredible landscapes, mountain monasteries, pristine beaches, azure water, and whitewashed villages and monuments as you enjoy classic movies and modern hits filmed in and around Greece.

Thrillers, love stories, its all covered!

Learn the Greek language

Practise learning some of the more common words and phrases in Greece that the locals love to hear. It always helps to know a few basics when visiting any country.

There are some great apps to help you too. I use Duolingo when I can and it’s quite bossy which is exactly what I need!

Shop great Greek brands online

Greeks have been designing and inventing for thousands of years.

In terms of fashion, the Ancient Greeks mastered togas and sandals well before they were de-rigueur, and an abundance of excellent natural resources and produce has contributed to world-class skincare, wine, food and more.

Luckily many of these products are available online with worldwide shipping available for most. It’s possible to have access to your favourite dolmades, face cream and swimwear by using the best Greek online shopping sites!

Plan a trip to Greece!

The good news is Greece will always be there! For millions of years the mountains, caves, islands, rivers, and beaches have stood the test of time and will continue to long after we are gone.

For thousands of years the ancient monuments, citadels, artifacts, and archeological sites have prevailed and will still be there for us to enjoy again.

The tide will come in and out, the bougainvillea will bloom and the figs trees will bear fruit.

Planning a trip is often half the fun so there’s nothing stopping you from still doing the research, mapping out itineraries and seeking out inspiration, tips, and ideas.

We will all get there again!

Planning a trip to Greece – Podcast episode

listen in to hear about things to consider when planning your trip!

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