Paros Island is one of our favourite places to visit in Greece and there is a lot to see and do there, from beaches to historical sites, great beach clubs, bars and restaurants and some fantastic shopping too. But there are also some fantastic Day Trips from Paros that you can do too. We’ve got them all covered here.

day trips from paros

Which day trip from Paros should you book?

Some of these day trips are ones you can easily organise yourself while others are organised tours.

A lot of the tours we recommend are with Get Your Guide or Viator.

These are well known, global companies and we have chosen to partner with them for the following reasons.

1. They have a solid reputation across the planet for providing reliable, safe, and enjoyable tours.
2. In most cases, bookings can be canceled up to 24 hours before starting.
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day trips from Paros

‘Anti’ means ‘opposite’ in Greek and is where the English word comes from. Antiparos  is only 1 nautical mile west of, or opposite, the island of Paros.

It is 45 square kilometres in size and has a population of around 1200 people. There is one main town called Antiparos Town. The main attractions on the island are its famous cave and excellent beaches whilst fishing, tourism and farming are its primary industries. It’s also home to a number of celebrities including Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson who reside there every summer.

How to do a day trip to Antiparos

This is one of the most relaxing day trips from Paros that you can do as you can take your own car over on the car ferry from Pounda (also called Pounta), which takes just 7 minutes, and explore at your own pace, returning back to Paros whenever you are ready.

No need to worry about queues, where to sit on the ferry, hotel transfers, taxis or anything!

Things to do on a day trip to Antiparos

The main town on the island, Antiparos Town, is also the port and is really quite nice – you could easily spend the day there. Otherwise, much of the island is uninhabited and inaccessible by road but there are some special things to see and do including;

  •  Antiparos Town
  • Shopping and art
  • Castle (Kastro) of Antiparos
  • Antiparos Cave ( spot Lord Byrons signature)
  • Beaches
  • Cafes, bars and tavernas – especially sunset at Sifneiko
  • Boat trips to Despotiko Island and the Ancient Sanctuary.

Read more in our complete guide to Antiparos


Board the traditional schooner, Galatea and sail to Antiparos and Despotika. Stop 6 times to swimming and exploring and enjoy a fully catered experience on board.

day trips from paros
day trips from paros


day trips from paros

Visit Mykonos from Paros

One of the most popular destinations in Europe and also one of the most polarising.

Mykonos is the party capital of Greece and also the most popular destination with the LGBTI+ community and celebrities alike. It’s not uncommon for countless Hollywood Celebrities to be seen here in Summer and there really is red carpet on come beaches down to the SuperYachts.

It can be expensive, crowded and a bit crazy but it is also very pretty and has some unique things that are worth seeing such as Little Venice and the Windmills.

It’s easy to visit Mykonos from Paros by Ferry and there are several services a day. The trip takes just less than an hour on the fast ferry and it’s good to understand how to get around once you get there as it can be quite chaotic.

Things to do on a day trip to Mykonos

Activities include:


  • Visiting Little Venice, Mykonos Town, searching for Pedro the Pelican, seeing the much-photographed windmills and visiting the many excellent beaches.
  • The shopping is high end and plentiful
  • Check out the world-famous beach clubs for some serious celebrity spotting and to dance on bars and see Guest DJs are regular events.
  • Do a tour of the island to see some more ‘local’ sites including some hidden gems
  • A boat tour over to Delos Island is one of the most popular, and worthwhile, things to do in the Greek Islands. This uninhabited island was believed to be the birthplace of Apollo and was once a thriving trading port and small empire.
day trips from paros
day trips from paros

A sailing tour of Delos and Rhenia Islands

Enjoy an unmissable sailing experience from Mykonos and discover the ancient, sacred island of Delos – the birthplace of Apollo. Visit secluded beaches on Rhenia island, swim in the sea and enjoy a barbecue too.


A day trip to Santorini 

The Archipelago of Santorini includes Greece’s most iconic attraction – Fira Island. Home to the much-photographed white cave houses and blue church domes with stunning views over the Caldera, especially at sunset.

If you haven’t planned to stay a day or two in Santorini, which has some truly incredible accommodation, then it is possible to visit it for the day from Paros.

How to visit Santorini from Paros

The fast ferries take just 2 hours and there are several a day although you may not find a departure back after sunset, so this can be tricky to organise.


Things to do on a day trip to Santorini include:

  • The Fira to Oia Hike ( or reverse)
  • Explore Oia – the Byzantine Castle, Church of Panagia, Nikolaoua Nomikoua (Blue Dome church) & numerous galleries & shops. Don’t miss Atlantis Books!
  • A Wine Tasting Tour. Santorini is world-famous for its wine and they are quite unique and not to be missed
  • Have a professional photographer do a private shoot of you and your group, making the most of this stunning backdrop
  • Head to Black Beach, White Beach or Red Beach ( if open). Good swimming can be had at Kamari, Perivolos or Perissa Beaches with plenty of sunbeds and facilities
  • Explore the ancient village and ruins of Akrotiri and the authentic villages of Megachori and Pyrgos
  • Do a sailing tour of the island and the volcano – including a swim at the Hot Springs

day trips from paros


day trips from Paros

Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades Islands. It is famous for its lush and fertile lands along with its picturesque, whitewashed villages and towns. Its mountainous landscape is also world-renowned for its marble, which has been used to make statues for centuries.

Although it has a modest permanent population, Naxos’ beauty makes it a popular place for tourists. It’s a big island, there’s some fantastic accommodation and there are a lot of great things to do on Naxos.  

How to visit Naxos from Paros.

The easiest way to visit Naxos is by ferry. There are ferries up to 8 times a day in Summer from Parikia Port on Paros and the trip takes only 30 minutes.

The main town of Naxos, Chora, is also the Port and many people find they are happy just exploring around there.

If you want to see more of the island you will need several hours and a car or there is a good bus service too.


Things to do on a day trip to Naxos

  • Chora has some excellent beaches with great swimming conditions and beachfront tavernas as well as a charming Old Town including the Old Market at the base of the former Castle.
  • The harbour is also a nice place to spend an hour or two
  • Other places of interest around the islands are the Cedar Forest of Alyko, Cave of Zeus, the Kouroi of Florio and the Temple of Demeter.
  • Naxos is renowned for its wonderful beaches and there are many to see and enjoy
  • The island is also a foodie hotspot and a half-day cooking class is very popular
  • Take a historical full-day Bus Tour around the island
  • Spend the day sailing and exploring the Small Cyclades with swimming and snorkelling

The Small Cyclades

day trips from Paros

Just below Naxos is a group of beautiful small islands called the Small Cyclades, sometimes known as the Little Cyclades or the Lesser Cyclades too.

This includes the islands of Donousa, Schioussa and Ano Koufonisi as well as several uninhabited islands as well.

The water in this area is fairly shallow so it is crystal clear and stunning azure blue and emerald green. The islands have numerous coves and caves to explore and swimming conditions are generally excellent.

You can catch a ferry over from Chora in Naxos but the best way to see them is on a sailing trip which you can do from either Naxos or Paros. It’s a magical day out and one that is often cited as many visitors favourite activity while they were on Paros.

Depending on the wind conditions on the day sometimes the trip may go to Antiparos and Despotika instead – equally wonderful and very similar.


Further reading: A complete guide to Schinoussa



Spend the day exploring the wonderful Small Cyclades Islands including Schinoussa, Koufanisia and Danoussa. Swim, snorkel, sail and enjoy a traditional Greek Lunch with wine and more

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day trips from paros
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