If you are visiting Athens then dinner at one of the wonderful rooftop restuarants with an Acropolis view is going to be one of the most memorable meals of your life. Dangling at a table 50 metres above the ground may not exactly be on a rooftop but it is equivelant to a twelve-story building and very unique! But is Dinner in the Sky Athens worth it?


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What is Dinner in the Sky?

First started in Brussels in 2006 Dinner in the Sky now takes place in 60 countries across the globe including Dubai and Malta, where we first enjoyed the experience.

Dinner in the Sky Athens has operated since 2015 and they have now welcomed over 30,000 delighted customers. It is regularly voted as one of the best dining experiences in the city. It has also seen over 50 proposals of marriage take place too!

The concept sees a custom made rig including a table, chairs, food preparations area and roof lifted by crane up into the air where diners are served a sumptuous meal while enjoying breathtaking 360degree views of Athens. 

where is dinner in the sky athens?

Dinner in the Sky Athens is located at Technopolis Park in the lively suburb of Gazi. This is home to a lot of bars, cafes, and nightclubs and has a party atmosphere once the sun goes down.

It is right behind our favorite neighborhood, Psyri, so you can walk there if you are staying in the areas to the northwest of the Acropolis. Otherwise, it is a short taxi ride from anywhere in the city center or you can catch the Metro to Kerameikos Station.

It is worth combining dinner with a look around Gazi and certainly exploring other parts of Technopolis Park, which is home to several shows and exhibits throughout the year including the Athens Jazz Festival. It’s a great park to visit with kids too and one of the premier things to do in Athens for families. 

dinner in the sky athens technopolis
view from Dinner in the Sky Athens

the view from the table

Likely almost everywhere in Greece, the service is exceptional. The ‘Captain’ starts things on a serious note with a safety demonstration and retains a sense of no-nonsense throughout the experience, something I personally found quite reassuring. 

The young female chef did an outstanding job with obviously limited tools and equipment and the quality of the service was matched by the quality of the wines, the produce, and the professionalism of the entire experience.

Music is played throughout the night and the rig is also turned several times so that everyone has the opportunity to get those amazing views. Even looking out to sea and the Saronic islands is special. 

dinner in the sky Athens food

How is the food?

Actually, excellent! We found the food better than in Malta (and that was pretty good).

There is a 6-course menu that includes wine, beer, and soft drinks/water.

Standouts for our meal were the salmon mousse and the Greek salad cheesecake. The modern take on Galaktoboureko was also delicious and beautifully presented too.

The menu is changed several times a year in keeping with seasonal flavors and may include things like Shrimp Saganaki, slow-cooked beef, and chocolate tart.

Allergies are or course catered for and should be advised when booking.

How much does it cost?

In 2023 the published price is €155, which includes a welcome drink too. 

Need to know


There are a few things most people might like to consider when working out if Dinner in the Sky Athens is worth it.


There are clean, modern, temporary bathrooms set up right next to the site. If anyone on the experience needs an urgent stop to the loo they will lower it. We have not seen anyone ask for this on our two experiences but you are only up in the air for ninety minutes, which it seems most people can handle.


This is taken very seriously. The experience complies with European model EN 13814 which regulates the construction and operation of amusement parks. The steel rig fulfills the requirements of the Standard 4112 edition from 1983 as confirmed byTÜV Rheinland.

Both platform and suspension mechanisms have been certified by TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD).


You will need to leave any bags down in lockers provided. You can take your phone but it’s a good idea to think about a safety mechanism like a wrist strap so you don’t drop it!


Yes it looks a little scary, but as someone who is not good with heights I can honestly tell you I was fine both times, albiet a little nervous. It is only the height of a twelve story building and I worked in an office on the 34th floor for years, and it doesn’t feel worse than that. The seats are very sturdy, there’s a solid floor for your feet, and the seatbelts are very firm and strong. You can recline your seat, but only crazy people were doing that.


Kids can come but they must be at least 120cms tall. 


In Summary – Book now! I don’t say this to sell tickets. I truly think Dinner in the Sky is worth it and cannot recommend it enough. It is a very special experience and certainly not something you can say you do every week. Where else can you dangle from the sky enjoying world class food and drinks while looking out at an Ancient citadel – one of the great ancient wonders of the world? Bookings will be very heavy this year so don’t be disappointed. 

dinner in the sky athens lounge area