Northern Aegean Islands

Located between Greece and Turkey, it’s perhaps no surprise that the North Aegean Islands have had such a fascinating and turbulent history. Beginning with settlement in around 5000 BC, the islands flourished thanks to their location along a significant trade route.

Amongst the empires that have controlled some or all of the islands are the Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Macedonians, Venetians and Genoese – so to say the history has been ‘colourful’ may be an understatement. In fact, they have only been a part of modern Greece since 1912.

Covering a large area, the islands – including Chios, Ikaria, Limnos, Lesvos, Samos, Samothraki and Thassos – are quite large in size, and some distance from each other. This means that while they are not ideal for island hopping, they do offer plenty of room to explore.

Each is quite distinct in character, so whether you’re looking for a sleepy and traditional island, or a more bustling hotspot, you’re sure to find it.

Generally, they offer a good mix of historical, cultural and natural sights, including beautiful beaches. They are all beautiful and all have unique features such as Samothraki’s dramatic mountainous landscapes, Limnos offers beautiful sandy bays as well as excellent wine and Chios is home to the rare ‘mastic’ trees and some unusual Venetian architecture in its medieval villages.

northern aegean island


northern aegean island


northern aegean island


northern aegean island


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