Sporades Islands

Just off the east coast of Greece, the 24 Sporades Islands are some of the more pristine and undeveloped of the Greek Islands. However, with Skopelos recently being featured in the film Mamma Mia and ongoing development, they may not be a hidden gem for long.

Only four of the islands (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros) have permanent populations, and of them, Skiathos is the liveliest due to its international airport. Even still, it retains much traditional charm — as do the rest of the islands and especially sleepy Skyros. 

Like much of Greece, the Sporades Islands spent many centuries locked in a tug of war between various empires. Overall, however, residents were generally left fairly undisturbed and carried on with traditional life through some of history’s most significant events.

Although there are several historical sites (mostly from the Byzantine Empire) to enjoy, the Sporades Islands are perhaps best for nature lovers.

There are many stunning trails and hikes through some of the prettiest and most pristine scenery in the Greek Isles — and then plenty of sandy beaches to cool off at afterward.


sporades island


sporades island


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