Santorini is famous the world over for its blue church domes, white cave hotels and mesmerizing caldera sunsets. But there is another acitivity that all visitors can enjoy that is also guaranteed to leave you with special memories and a big smile. We took friends to see this show when we were last on the island and it was one of the highlights of Greece for all of us that trip. Read more about why you need to go and see the Greek Wedding Show Santorini.


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What is the Greek Wedding Show?

More than just a show this is an interactive experience for all attendees who are essentially guests at a wedding in Santorini in the 1940’s!

From the moment some of the wedding party greet you at in the queue in the door you are wrapped in the arms of the Papadopolous family as they celebrate the marriage of their daughter to a young local man.

You will initially enter the family home and hear and see the backstory about events leading up to the nuptials, before being ushered out and seated in the garden where the celebrations commence.

Guests are treated to generous platters of Greek ‘meze’ – cheese, olives, bread, salad and jugs of wine and water while enjoying a night of entertaintment including traditional group dancers, solo vocal performances and more. 

The night ends as the family encourage the guests to participate in a number of Greek dances and plate smashing. 

greek wedding show
dinner in the sky athens technopolis
greek wedding show
view from Dinner in the Sky Athens

To be honest, we were a little cynical before going, despite reviews being very positive.

My Greek husband was worried it was going to be some cheesy tourist trap but he spent more time on the dance floor than anyone. In fact, at one point I think he became part of the cast!

Overall the performance is very polished and professional and the cast are excellent. Their ability to interact with the audience and make them feel comfortable and encouraged while continuing their act is testament to the hard work and long rehearsals that no doubt go into the show.

We would definately return.

How is the food?

The food is simple, fresh and tasty. It is indicative of what would have been served in the post-war years of the 1940’s, when money was scarce and everything was home grown.

Big eaters may still want to pick something up afterwards and luckily there is no shortage of places in Fira open well after the show ends. 

We found the portion sizes were adequate and wine especially was quite generous.

How much does it cost?

In 2024 the published prices are:

adults from 75 euro

children 60 euro

infants ( under 2) free

NOTE: As most of the show takes place outdoors and is weather dependent the show normally runs between May and November. The show is nearly always sold out so book early to avoid disappointment!

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