Many people have Skopelos on their radar when visiting the Greek Islands and for good reason. The ‘Mama Mia’ island made so famous by the popular movie has a lot to offer and is hard to beat as a greek island destination. But working out how to get to Skopelos can be confusing as it’s not as straightforward as most.

These are your options:

1. Fly Athens to Skiathos then ferry to Skopelos 

how to get to Skiathos

,There is no airport on Skopelos.

However, you can fly from Athens to Skiathos island, which is a 25-minute flight. This route is serviced by Olympic Airlines/Aegean, and Sky Express.

The ferry then from Skiathos to Skopelos is between 50 and 90 minutes depending on which ferry you book. You can see schedules and pricing and book tickets HERE.

A taxi from Skiathos airport to Skiathos Town where the ferries depart costs just 20 euro or you can catch the bus or even walk! (if you do that you can witness the famous landings at this much videoed and very small runway).

There are numerous tavernas, bars and cafes along the harbour on Skiathos where you can happily spend a few hours while waiting for your ferry. Great shopping too!

2. Catch the ferry to Skopelos from the Mainland

how to get to Skopelos

Agios Konstantinos ferry port

There is no ferry to the Sporades islands ( including Skopelos) from Athens.

It is possible however, to catch the ferry from three Mainland destinations north of Athens.


Ferry from Agios Konstantinos to Skopelos.

Agios Konstantinos is a sleepy fishing village on the Mainland, an hour and 45 minutes north of Athens by car.

You can catch a bus there (which will take around 2.6 hours) or drive.

The ferry then takes 4 hours to Skiathos and then you change ferries on to Skopelos.  If you are taking a car then you need to book the BlueStar from Skaithos to Skopelos.

You can book online at Ferryhopper – who represent 40 ferry companies, or you can buy a ticket at the Port. If you are travelling in July, August or during one of the many religious festivals or public holidays it pays to book ahead.

This is clearly not a quick way to get to Skopelos but it can be handy for people who have visited Mainland sites like Delphi or Thermopylae, and for those that want to keep their car with them for this visit.

Ferry from Mantoudi to Skopelos

Mantoudi is a small port town on the northern side of the island of Evia, just over 2 hours north of Athens. You can drive onto Evia over the Evripos Bridge.

There is a direct ferry from Mantoudi to Skopelos for much of the year which takes just 1 hour. You can also connect via Alonissos and Skiathos Islands, which increases your options.

This is a faster journey than from Agios Konstantinos but is more difficult if using public transport.

Ferry from Volos

 The 3rd Mainland port is also the largest and is found in the wonderful town of Volos, almost 4 hours drive north of Athens.

Volos is home to roughly 150,000 people and the 6th largest city in Greece. Famous for its thriving food scene Volos is the capital of Magnesia and the gateway to the stunning Pelion Peninsula and Thessally, the ‘food bowl’ of Greece.

From the main port there are regular ferries to the Sporades Islands, most stopping first in Skiathos before going on to Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros. A ferry from Volos to Skopelos takes between 2.5 hours and 4.5 hours depending on the time of year and ferry chosen.

While this may be the longest route to Skopelos from Athens it is the most popular as people often choose it as part of a Mainland road trip that includes a night or two in Volos. 

how to get to Skopelos

4. Do a Day Trip from Skiathos or Volos

Visiting Skopelos for the day is a very popular day trip from Skiathos and the Mainland.

In Skiathos have a look at the tours offered by Skiathos Cruises and for Volos we’ve heard good things about Aeolus Sailing who do daily cruises to both Skiathos and Skopelos.

Tours on Skopelos:


4. Sail the Sporades Islands


how to get to Skopelos

For decades visitors to Greece have been enjoying the magical experience of sailing around the islands either under their own steam in a private charter or hiring a skippered yacht. Either way the ability to explore uncharted waters, empty beaches and coves, ancient caves and ruins and largely design your own itinerary remains a popular and iconic way to enjoy Greece.

Sailing the Sporades is a very popular activity, especially in Summer, and is a beautiful way to explore the Skopelos as well as Skiathos and Alonissos. Most yachts are based in Skiathos but some are also in Volos and Kassandra. 

4. Private transfer – Athens to Skopelos by Helicopter


private transfer santorini

If you have deep pockets and are keen to get to Santorini quickly then a private helicopter transfer is the way to do it.

Flying in over the Greek Islands in your private helicopter will be an experience you will never forget and if its a special occasion this is one experience you will not regret investing in.

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