The ferries in Greece are some of the most efficient and busiest in the world. During summer there are hundreds of them connecting between the Greek Islands and mainland ports at any given time.

The boats are well maintained and have an excellent safety record.

Blue Star ferries are huge and are like cruise ships, with restaurants, cabins, and shops onboard whilst fast ferries are smaller and well, fast. Each island group have their own ferry companies that service them and the groups themselves rarely interconnect.

The ticketing agent that we use and recommend is Ferryhopper. Their booking engine is the most intuitive and gives you the most options, including alternate routes.

Frequently asked questions about ferries in Greece

Q. Why cant I find a route for my dates?

A. Schedules are not usually finalised until just before Greek Easter each year – usually March. Keep checking.

Q. Can’t I just get a ticket on-board?

A. Only the smallest ( and often unpublished) ferries sell tickets on-board. Otherwise, you will need to buy tickets either online, from the various ticketing agents around the main ports, or from your travel agent.

Q. My online ticket doesn’t have a barcode. Does that matter?

A. Yes, as they won’t be able to scan it when you board. You will need to get a paper version of the ticket at the ticketing agents in the ports before you embark.

Q. Is First Class or Business Class worth it?

A. Most people will say no. You will have an allocated seat in a particular section and on Blue Star, there is also a private lounge. Most people don’t think they are worth the extra money. Your boarding and disembarking procedure will be the same as everyone else’s.

Q. Shall I just wait and buy my tickets when I arrive?

A. Most of the time that will be fine. It’s rare ferries book out unless it is August and/or a special holiday. If there are no seats left ask if there are any cabins. For groups of 3 or more, this may actually be about the same price.

Q. Can I check-in online?

A. Yes, if you use Ferryhopper you can check-in online and they also give you the option to have your tickets delivered to your hotel for an extra 10 euro.

Q. I get seasick. Do I need to worry?

A. Now and then it can be rough and it can be hard to predict this. Best take some medication with you, especially on longer routes. The Saronic islands are the most protected and have the calmest seas and generally the bigger the boat the calmer the ride will be.

Q. If the sea is too rough will my ferry be cancelled.

A. yes, that is quite possible. Or it may be quite delayed. Some people prefer to fly for this reason ( where possible). If you need to catch a ferry to connect to an international flight always try and arrive the day before.

A Blue Star Ferry public lounge
A 4 berth Blue Star cabin
Blue Star luggage retrieval
( on a religious holiday weekend in June)
the ferries dont stop long anywhere – you need to have your luggage and be ready to go
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