If you are visiting Rhodes in Greece then a trip to Lindos is a must. This charming old town is wrapped around the ancient Acropolis of Rhodes and spills down to several excellent beaches including St Pauls Bay Lindos, one of the highlights of the entire Dodecannese. With magical clear water, great amenities and stunning topography this is a place to while away a day soaking up the warmth and the top shelf Greek hospitality.


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When to visit St Pauls, Lindos

Due to its southerly location, Rhodes has a longer tourist season than most islands and it’s possible to swim into November most years.

Peak tourist season is between June and September with temperatures in the 30s/80s, although July and August see the highest number of visitors.

Outside of these months, visiting in the autumn or in springtime means lower prices for accommodation and still mild weather.


Where is St Pauls Bay?

St Pauls is in Lindos, a town on the southeast coast of Rhodes island, in the Dodecannese group in Greece. Rhodes is located around 380 miles/440kms from Athens and only 18kms from the Turkish Coast, which can be seen easily in the East.

Lindos is 47kms from Rhodes city and 55kms from Rhodes Aiport.

St.Pauls is just a 5-minute walk from the Southern end of Lindos, at the foot of the Acropolis of Lindos itself, which towers over the Bay.

The History of St Pauls, Lindos

The Bay is unique in shape and topography in that is a circular shape almost completely surrounded by cliffs and rocky outcrops. It was probably once a solid part of Rhodes but a sinkhole of sorts has developed after an earthquake or major weather event.

It is believed that the Apostle Paul sailed into this bay in 43AD when he was traveling across the lands bringing the new religion of Christianity with him, and the locals named the Bay after him soon after.

It is very hard to find from the sea and for that reason it has served as a haven for pirates and plunderers as well as innocent people trying to hide from invaders. 

st pauls bay lindos

How to get to St Pauls Bay

There is a small international airport on Rhodes and a big ferry port as well. People often visit Rhodes from Athens but it is possible to connect by ferry with other islands and destinations too.

How to get from Athens to Rhodes

Flying from Athens to Rhodes takes just 45 minutes and there are daily flights year-round with Aegean Airlines. In Summer there are also regular flights with Sky Express and sometimes other European airlines too.

You can also catch the overnight ferry from Athens to Rhodes which takes between 15 and 20 hours depending on the time of year, as it makes many stops along the way. That may sound torturous but the BlueStar ferries are like cruise ships with cafes, shops and even a fine dining restaurant. If you book a cabin you can have a very enjoyable journey.

How to get to Lindos

From Rhodes Airport and Rhodes Town to Lindos you can either hire a car, catch a taxi, book a private transfer or catch the bus.

It takes about 40 minutes by car from the airport and 50 minutes from Rhodes Town, or just over an hour by bus.

The road is modern and well maintained and easy to navigate with plenty of signage. There are many things to see and do along the way such as the Valley of the Butterflies and Tsampika Beach.

Book your transfer from both places with Welcome Pickups which we use and recommend.

Things to do at St Pauls Bay


Saint Pauls Bay Beaches 

The bay is made up of two beaches, Paralia(Beach) Agios(Saint) Pavlos on the southern side of the bay, and a small beach at the north which is closest to the town of Lindos by foot.

Both of these beaches have a good taverna/beach bar which rent sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as provide meals and drinks and toilets. In 2022 the cost of the sunbeds was 30euro for 2 and 50euro for a Cabana.


The two tavernas that service the bay are very good.

Dimitris one the northern beach is very pretty, surrounded by pink Oleanders with a wide shady terrace which is a great escape in Summer. It is more popular for its beach bar however, which is often called ‘Pinky’s by the locals.

At Agios Pavlos Tambakio is a beautiful small restaurant that is exceptionally romantic for a sunset dinner. There is free parking up above with a slightly wobbly walk down to the beach. Wear sensible shoes.

Water Activities

Being so protected St Pauls Bay is a great spot for water sports and activities and there are a number of things on offer.

Apart from the many day cruises that enter the bay with day trippers from Rhodes Town and other areas of the island you can also rent a boat in the bay itself from SAIL4FUN Lindos. 

Its also possible to do fishing trips with Mikes Fishing Trips who also leave from the bay. 


At the very end of the bay past Agios Pavlos beach is a little church, named after the bays namesake, Saint Paul. It not only commemorates the visit by the Saint but is often open and is a quite place for reflection.

The Acropolis of Rhodes

One of the most incredible things about St Pauls Bay Lindos is that it has an ancient Acropolis towering above it. This ancient citadel dates back to 300BC and is one of the most significant archealogical sites in Greece.

It was fortified by the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, The Knights of St John Hospitaller and the Ottomans so is riddled with history, intrigue and subject to ongoing excavation.

Many people combine a visit to St Pauls Bay with a visit to the Acropolis. Get there at opening time, 8am, to avoid both the crowds and the heat, or wait until the end of the day as the sun is setting for incredible views. This is a site not to be missed!

Lindos Town

If you are visiting St Pauls Bay chances are you may be staying in Lindos but if not it is worth a visit. The old town wraps around the Acropolis and is a car free maze of narrow alley ways full of shops, restaurants, bars, gelato parlours and souvenir sellers. 

It’s a very pretty town and considered one of the most charming in Greece. 


Dimitris Taverna Lindos

Dimitri’s Taverna and Beach


Where to stay in St Pauls Bay Rhodes

There are no hotels or accommodations in the bay itself so it is not possible to stay right on the beach.

There is plenty of accommodation in Lindos however and a lot of it is just a few minutes’ walk from the Bay and the beaches.

F Charm Hotel is a very hip small adults-only hotel that is only 5 minutes to the Bay on foot. We also love Noema, a little further along towards the back of the hill with amazing views and a big terrace from some of their rooms.

st pauls bay lindos

Noema Lindos