Packing for a trip to Greece is exciting but often also overwhelming, especially if it’s your first visit. Many people over-pack and then end up regretting the luggage they have to drag around especially when island hopping in Greece. If you are visiting between May and October especially, you probably need a lot less than you think. This packing list takes all the guesswork and anxiety out of it and ensures you know exactly what to pack for Greece for men.

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Your choice of luggage when packing for Greece is very important.

It is a really good idea to try and pack as light as possible as you will likely be tackling ferry gangplanks, many steps and cobblestone streets and alleys.

If you hire a car I always recommend a small compact car due to the narrow streets that are very common and the overhanging bushes and bougainvillea that can badly scratch paintwork. Plus parking can often be challenging and small cars have more options.

Try and only take one small or medium suitcase and one carry on bag if you can. Sharing a large suitcase with someone else won’t work, particularly as many cars, including taxi’s, have small trunks. Many people have found this out the hard way!

You want a suitcase that is lightweight, strong, has sturdy wheels, and is waterproof if possible. I always recommend a hard cover case and the main reason for that is illustrated in this photo from a Blue Star Ferry. You may think you’ve placed your bag carefully on the top of this pile but chances are it will be right at the bottom upon arrival! 

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A backpack is a great idea for budget travelers and people who are expecting to be away a long time and tackling various forms of transport, especially hikes and cycling.

Having your worldly possessions strapped firmly to your back ensures their safety as well as freeing up your hands for other activities such as navigation and photography.

The Zinz Laptop Backpack is a popular choice with travellers and has a number of great features:

  • slim and expandable
  • water resistant
  • anti-theft with lock
  • USB Charging Port
  • multiple pockets and compartments
  • comes in 4 colours 
If you would rather use a suitcase it still pays to pack a small, lightweight backpack that can come in handy for sightseeing, hikes, and visits to the beach.

Something like this Zomake Ultra is lightweight, inexpensive, and practical and folds into its own small bag.

Satchels and messenger bags

Many people like to fly with a satchel or messenger bag that can hold personal effects for a long flight including reading material, devices, chargers, toiletries, and even a change of clothes.

It’s good to try and find something that’s easy to carry, has a decent number of compartments ( but not too many!), and can be zipped or even locked if necessary.

This Estarer Messenger Bag is a great choice for a number of reasons:


  • It is water restistant canvas so great for boats, ferries and the beach
  • its big main compartment fits most laptops
  • it has roomy organizer pockets inlcuding 6 x ID, pens, watch, wallet and more
  • a thick padded shoulder strap
  • numerous buckles and a zip closure for extra safety
  • super stylish – grey and tan go with everything!

For people who prefer a crossbody style bag, this one is great. It has a wide adjustable strap, it’s lightweight and water resistant and packs flat. It even has a sunglasses compartment and comes in three colours.These bags free up your hands and are especially good when taking lots of photos or using the phone. 


I spent a lot of time looking at suitcases a few years ago after my trusty soft-cover Samsonite not only got saturated in the rain at an airport in Sri Lanka but the zips were also opened on a flight back from Singapore.

I compared dozens of brands and was sold on this Japanese brand called Lojel and their Cubo range. These are the stand out features:

        • It has double-coil zips
        • the highest quality Japanese Hinomoto wheels
        • it’s made from Makrolon – the lightest yet strongest polycarbonate material possible for a suitcase
        • a front opening pocket that allows easy access to devices at security etc
        • it does NOT have a clam-shell design like most hard-cover suitcases
        • it comes in great colors, NOT just black like everyone else’s bag
        • the small meets carry-on weight and size for all airlines yet can expand from 38 liters to  43 if required

I have dragged this bag around Greece many times now as well as Mexico, Cuba, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Australia. It still looks almost new and I absolutely love it!

If you can’t get a Lojel or want something a little less expensive the TydeCkare 20 inch carry on is very similar and also comes in 6 colours. The wheels are not as strong but nor is the price.

Another great suitcase is the LEVEL8 Grace ABS+PC Hardshell spinner case. This has many of the features of the Lojel but at a lower price point.

A lot of men love Tumi and their Unisex Alpha 3 expandable carry-on has a built in USB port, a built in garment sleeve and a power bank that is sold seperately.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes really have revolutionised the way we travel. By dividing your belongings up into small compartments things are easier to find, pack, and store.

These Bagail packing cubes have mesh panels for ventilation and a nice laundry/toiletries bag which comes in handy for wet swimwear as well. They are very affordable and customers leave excellent reviews!

Clothing for men

Most people visit Greece during the warm tourist season that runs between May and October. Invariably they will visit the islands which will mean time at or near beaches and lots of sun.

As such many of these recommendations are lightweight clothing, made from breathable, natural fibers and are practical and easy to pack.

That does not mean that fashion has to go out the window. In fact, many parts of Greece are quite glamorous and the Greeks, like many Europeans, are quite stylish. There are many wonderful shops that will catch your eye and we’ve often found many cute and affordable finds on our visits, so leave some room in your bags too!

There are some amazing fashion designers and labels in Greece and many are now shipping worldwide. They especially excel at resort wear and linen clothing.

Find out all about them and other great Greek brands here:

The best Greek Online Shopping sites & products

Shorts & pants


Most men live in shorts so it’s a good idea to pack at least three pairs – two for every day wear and one pair that are more dressy and great for night-time. Everyone in Greece dresses fairly casually especially in summer, when people often go straight from the sunbed to the taverna table.

If you are visiting the mountains or visiting during the cooler months it’s also a good idea to take a long pair of pants or jeans as nights can get cool up there even in summer. Soft linen draw-string pants are popular on the islands while jeans and chinos are common in Athens.

If you are into fitness and hope to work out on vacation then some quality quick dry shorts are a great idea. Many guys wear them swimming as well.



It always pays to invest in a couple of good quality t-shirts. John would happily wear seven black t-shirts a week but a white one or a few striped ones are a good idea too – pack 4 or 5.

Linen shirts are practically a uniform on the Greek Islands and even men who have never thought to buy any suddenly find themselves decked out in one or two.

You will find them for sale all over the islands and Athens but you may want to pack one in advance to take any away any shopping pressure. 

Don’t be put off by the long-sleeves or the wrinkles, the non-ironed/well travelled look is what everyone aspires too and actually they pack quite well if you roll them. There are short sleeve versions available or otherwise just roll the sleeves up and enjoy the cool natural fibres.



If you are visiting Greece between June and September chances are you will not need a jacket.

However, in Spring and Autumn, the nights can be cool and will need at least once. You may also need one for the airplanes and or your home town arrival and departure.

A lightweight jacket can get a lot of use especially on cool nights or a hoodie is a classic favourite, especially with younger men.

For a special event or dinner you may want to wear a casual blazer or sportscoat and again Linen is the fabric of choice on the islands.



European men and women have fantastically positive body images and they all happily wear whatever swimwear that makes them comfortable.

Men tend to wear tight trunk style shorts and ‘speedo‘ briefs but plenty of visitors happily wear boardshorts. Pack at least 2 pair in summer as you will wear them a lot!

A sunvest or ‘rashie’ is also good idea, especially on the first few days to avoid serious sunburn.



Most men would need no more than 5 or 6 pairs of underpants and perhaps a singlet/vest if that is your preference to wear under shirts. There are public laundries everywhere with drop off services and even laundry in hotels tends to be very affordable.


You can keep this very simple and can get away with just 3 pairs of shoes if you want. 

  1.  Flipflops/Thongs – dont skimp on these as you are likely to wear them a lot!
  2.  Sneakers – very on trend and very sensible for hiking, lots of walking and exploring historical sites. Pick a low-rise pair that can take your through the day and out to dinner.
  3. Beach shoes – vital for rocky and pebble beaches and can also be used for watersports, yoga and snorkeling

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Keep this simple too ( ps. Greece has amazing jewelry shops!)


  • Jewelry – minimal. A waterproof watch is popular.
  • Hat – this travel hat is easy to pack, and perfect!
  • Sunglasses 
  • bags – the cross body bag or backpacks mentioned above should be enough for day trips and hiking too 
  • headbands – if you are planning on doing a lot of hiking or renting scooters or ATV’s, especially in summer, you’ll be really thankful you’ve packed a few of these.


It would be nice to think you could visit Greece without taking a single device or electronic with you and spend your time oblivious to news back home or the distractions of Social Media.

The reality is, however, especially for those of us who run their own businesses, that many people need to remain accessible and in touch and it’s necessary to travel with various devices and contraptions.

These are some of the best electronics and accessories for a visit to Greece: 



A multi-country adapter will mean you can use it in Greece but also at home and almost every country you visit!

They are compact and easy to carry and you can often manage with just one if you also pack a power board, although it’s best to take a few if you can as they can come in handy on airplanes, in airports and other transit centers, not just hotel rooms.

This Adapter can be used in over 200 countries, comes with 3 USB ports, including one Type C, and can charge 5 devices at once.

Mobile Phone

It really is vital to travel with a mobile phone these days.

Not only are they useful for making calls and staying connected but there is a range of very useful apps to download for Greece that will make travelling a whole lot easier, including an offline map app that is excellent!

They can also be used to store or access your music, your photos, contacts and notes as well as access to the internet and social media. If you set up something like Apple Pay you can get around without a wallet or money too.

Further to that, mobile phones now have excellent camera’s meaning you don’t even have to pack another one if you don’t want to. Believe it or not, almost all the photo’s used on this website are shot with my trusty iPhone 12 Plus!

Phone charger

It goes without saying that you should pack the charger that comes with your phone. 

Even better pack a set of these lightning cables which not only charge most phones & tablets quickly but each cable is 2 meters long giving you plenty of reach from a bedside table or airport outlet. 

packing list for greece

3-in-1 Lightning cable

Even better than a lightning cable is this 3-in-1 cable that has interchangeable adapters so you can charge all your devices from one! Great for people traveling with Ipads as well as different types of smartphones.

Underwater pouch

If you want to use your phone for photos at the beach or waterfalls/caves etc…its a good idea to pack one of these cheap but practical pouches with lanyards.

Don’t fumble around with zip-lock bags or risk dropping your phone all together this takes all the risk and worry out of it.

packing list for greece


This amazing gadget is small, very portable, and does a lot of heavy lifting!

The iWALK portable charger charges your phone quickly on the go and just pops into your handbag or pocket.


If you still want to take a camera then a GoPro HERO9 is really worth considering.

Given that Greece and the Greek Islands are all about the beach, the water, and exploring, having a camera that is waterproof and can take video as well as still shots is a must.

The GoPro Hero9 kit includes: GoPro HERO 9 Black Camera, Rechargeable Battery, Curved Adhesive Mount | Mounting Buckle, USB-C Cable, Thumb Screw, Carrying Case, GoPro Dual Charger for HERO9 Batteries | 3x Extra GoPro Rechargeable Batteries, SanDisk 128GB Extreme  Memory Card, ProOptic Complete Optics Care and Cleaning Kit 

Everything you could possibly need!

Laptop or Tablet

If like me, you have to stay connected and even keep working whilst on vacation in Greece then chances are you are going to need to pack your laptop.

This Acer A515-43-R5RE slim laptop ticks a lot of boxes with a 15.6-inch FHD screen, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, a backlit keyboard, and more.

It only weighs 4 pounds and has great speakers too.


If you are a digital content creator, influencer or someone who just likes their videos and photos to look the best they can you may be keen to take along a few accessories for your content.

A portable selfie ring light and cell phone holder is easy to pack and can make a big difference to indoor shots.

A lightweight mini tripod is also a great idea especially if travelling solo or in remote places, and this one doubles as a selfie stick too!

If you love to Vlog then you will want a whole kit of mini-lightweight gadgets including a great little microphone.




This is another product where it pays to invest in quality.

There are zillions of cheap headphones out there and if you are prone to losing them often then perhaps they are best for you, but most have short lifespans and do no block out sound – very annoying for fellow passengers.

A decent set of noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds will also give you a much better listening/viewing experience on planes and can help drown out noisy neighbours and other noises you may experience on your trip to Greece.

I’m an Airpods convert. Amazing sound quality and so small and portable! Fantastic is you wear glasses too as they don’t sit over your ear like traditional earphones.




It is very important to take any regular medications with you and the correct quantity for the duration of your stay. Greek doctors are excellent but like many countries now codeine is not available without a script and some medications may be different from what you are used to so it’s best to avoid needing one.

Also if you are transiting through the middle east and some other parts of the world you may be asked for written evidence of the need for some drugs so be sure to check the travel advisories first.


A lot more men are concious of their skin these days and may want to pack their favourite skincare products.

There are some beautiful Greek products to keep an eye out for – Korres and Apivita in particualr. This Greek Yogurt Foaming cleanser and white pine serum-in-moisturizer are so nourishing and their Calming & Cooling Gel is perfect after a big day in the sun.

Hair products

All hotels in Greece provide toiletries such as shampoo and soap. Generally, they are fine although you may want to pack your favourite hair wax or mousse too.

This cute little kit comes with mini shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner which can be a great idea after a day at the beach.

Innersense Organic Beauty - Natural Pure Harmony Travel Hair Trio | Non-Toxic, Cruelty-Free, Clean Haircare
$27.00 ($27.00 / Count)
Buy Now
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12/06/2023 06:51 pm GMT


It goes without saying that you will need deodorant in Greece. It gets very hot in Summer and a good antiperspirant is essential.

We travel with a roll-on as we can pack it in our carry on and it’s small but it really is a personal choice.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

You cant skimp on dental hygiene either but you don’t need to cart a large tube of toothpaste around. Often they don’t like the compression on planes either.

Grab a small travel size toothpaste for the journey and pick up more in Greece if required.


You will definitely need sunscreen, especially in Summer. 

Even with a hat on there is a lot of reflection from all the white/pale buildings and sunburn can be quite a surprise for many people.

Incidentals to pack for Greece

First aid kit

It’s quite probable whilst travelling around Greece that you will explore some places that are fairly remote and may not be close to emergency or medical services.

This doesn’t mean you need to take an entire survival kit with you but it can pay for one person in your group to pack a small first aid kit that contains essentials like band-aids, bandages, saline solution, safety pins, and disinfectant.

Don’t forget to remove the scissors if packing in your carry on!

Insect repellent

Whilst insects in Greece are somewhat less of a problem than some countries ( SE Asia for example and all the mosquito born diseases), mosquitoes, ants and other insects, especially wasps, can be annoying.

Pack a small insect repellent or pick one up in Greece especially if you are staying on board a boat where ventilation is limited.

Many holiday homes provide sprays but do be mindful of bees in the area. The big fat lazy bees of Greece make the most marvellous honey and keep all the other flora beautifully pollinated for our food chain.

Other essential items to pack


Passport ✔ 

Visa ✔

( not required by everyone – check HERE

Tickets/bookings/other printouts ✔ 

Travel Insurance ✔

Book this as soon as you make your FIRST booking if you don’t already have an annual policy. See our Complete Planning Guide for more information.

Money ✔

Take a small amount of Euros & get the rest there ( and try and use your card as much as possible)

Portable safe

These can be used in your room but also attach to a sunbed or boat when you want to swim

Apps ✔

Be sure to download these great apps for travelling in Greece!

Pillow ✔

I often travel with a full size pillow. This does get some odd looks but those tiny things on planes don’t cut it and many places in Greece like to use thin flat pillows on the beds. You need an inflatable travel pillow as a minimum.

Books ✔

Be sure to stock up on a few books set in Greece for a truly immersive experience! I read most books on the Kindle app but usually take one good paperback too for the beach or by the pool.

Towel ✔

Many hotels in Greece do not supply beach towels. You will find them for sale everywhere but the quality is often poor. Pack a small quick-dry towel for use at the beach as well as at waterfalls, on boat trips and for exercise too.


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