Beautiful Rhodes offers something for everyone, from the party-hard crowd to young families looking to enjoy a relaxing beach break. There is a lot to see and do and it’s easy to see why this Greek Island is a firm favourite with many. In order to have the best time on the island, it’s important to choose where to stay in Rhodes for your own interests and preferences.


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Popular places to stay in Rhodes

Rhodes is one of the most developed of the Greek Islands, so there is no shortage of built-up places to stay. While these places are teeming with excellent cafes, restaurants and bars, they also offer charm and genuine Greek hospitality. Here are our favourite popular places to stay in Rhodes. 

Rhodes Old Town

If you love history, then you are likely to fall madly in love with Rhodes Old Town the moment you step foot in it.

The UNESCO World Heritage-listed area is cloaked in history, with incredible historic sites found all around the area. You’ll literally be walking in the footsteps of many of the world’s great empires, including the Greeks, Romans and Byzantines, as well as the Knights Hospitallers. 

It has charm in spades, but it’s also a lively place with an excellent selection of restaurants, shopping and some nightlife. It’s not as frenetic as some other places (like Faliraki), but there’s certainly more than enough to keep you busy during your stay. There are many buses to elsewhere on the island, making it a very convenient base. We highly recommend Old Town as one of the best places to stay in Rhodes.

Recommended hotels in Rhodes Old Town


Recommended Budget hotel : Hotel Galaxias

Recommended mid-range hotel : In Camera Art Boutique Hotel 


Rhodes New Town

Just outside the walled boundary of Old Town is New Town. Despite its name, it’s not as modern as you may think.

There are some modern buildings, but on the whole, this area actually dates from when the Greeks were kicked out of the walled city in Medieval times. Therefore, it is still an utterly charming place to stay in Rhodes.

One benefit of staying in Rhodes New Town is that it is closer to the beaches; you’ll only ever be a few minutes away from classics like Elli Beach, and New Town also has its own attractions like the Aquarium and Mandraki Harbour. Of course, the Old Town is also close by, so in many ways, it offers the best of both worlds.

Recommended hotels in Rhodes New Town



Recommended Budget hotel : Anastasia Hotel

Recommended mid-range hotel : Bellevue Suites


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Another popular place to stay in Rhodes is Lindos, which is about a 40-minute drive from Rhodes Old Town.

Nestled right at the southern end of the island, it is a charming town that is in close proximity to a number of great beaches and attractions. In particular, Lindos is where the Acropolis of Lindos (as you’d expect), meaning it’s a great choice for history lovers.

The popularity of Lindos as a base on Rhodes means that the town enjoys many great amenities and it is also fairly upmarket and with a boutique feel making it popular with people wanting to avoid large resorts and crowded beaches.

There’s an excellent selection of tavernas, shops and bars to enjoy, so it’s an excellent base for exploring the island. In addition, Lindos is well connected to Rhodes Town and elsewhere on the island by public transport, so it is a good choice even if you do not have your own vehicle.

recommended hotels in Lindos

For couples and solo travellers, it’s hard to beat Noema Lindos with its fantastic central location in the Old Town and incredible views of the Acropolis and the sea. Lindian Polis is popular with families and groups with their chic 2 bedroom apartments, great views of St.Pauls Bay and outdoor Jacuzzis. In fact, couples are spoilt for choice in Lindos with a number of excellent places to choose from including Lindian Pearl and Melenos Art Hotel. There are also several adults-only places such as Caesars Gardens and Casita Casita, that are excellent.

If you are looking for something right on the beach the St.Pauls Bay Views suites are the way to go.

Families and groups should also check out Lindos Anatoli Luxury Villa – a wonderful, big 3 bedroom house that has panoramic views of the whole area or Traditional Lindian Suites who have modern, luxury apartments.

Solo travellers have good options too. F Charm lives up to its name as a charming small hotel with beautiful, chic decor and homemade produce, or CasaLindos Cottage, both tucked under the Acropolis and in amongst the windy alleys which are perfect to explore.

adults only rhodes



If you are looking for somewhere to party non-stop, then you’ll love Faliraki.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a relaxing or family-friendly spot, then exuberant Faliraki may not be ideal; in many ways, it’s the Ibiza party strip of Rhodes. In particular, it’s popular with a younger crowd who are drawn in by the excellent DJ sets and world-renowned bars.

While the nightlife is the main attraction with its famous ‘Bar Street’ and ‘Club Street’, it’s not all there is in Faliraki.

There are numerous restaurants and shops, while the beautiful white sandy beach is another huge drawcard, and perfect for resting off those cocktail-induced headaches. Plus, as it is only 16 kilometres from Rhodes Town, it’s conveniently located for the island’s other attractions.

recommended hotels in Faliraki

Recommended Budget hotel : Kastri Boutique Hotel 

Recommended mid-range hotel : Pagasos Deluxe Beach Hotel

Recommended Luxury hotel: Mitsis Alila Resort and Spa

best beach in rhodes

Quiet places to stay in Rhodes

As Rhodes is relatively modest in size with thousands of years of development, most of the towns and villages within striking distance of the beach tend to be fairly energetic.

However, there are still some quieter places where you can enjoy a simpler and more peaceful stay, especially if you don’t mind heading inland.


Still a pretty lively place, Ialyssos is particularly popular amongst budget travellers and backpackers thanks to the many affordable accommodation options.

Located to the west of Rhodes Town, it’s still conveniently located to enjoy the best of what the city has to offer, but with more affordable prices.

Continue a little further west, and find yourself amongst some charming, small villages where you can experience local life.

There’s a nice beach which is lined with hotels and laidback, approachable bars and restaurants. We love The Tower with the Orange Garden – a very different holiday home that can sleep up to 5!

If you enjoy staying active while you’re on vacation, then you may well love the many activities on offer in Ialyssos. All in all, it’s a great place to stay in Rhodes if you are on a budget.



Head 32 kilometres south of Rhodes Town and find yourself in Stegna, a quiet and friendly village that offers a few amenities but fewer crowds.

Here on the coast, you’ll find a beautiful beach to enjoy swimming, snorkelling and sunbaking, while there’s also a small shop that offers watersports including parasailing and kayaking.

The restaurants in the area are mostly family operations where you can enjoy some simple and delicious cuisine, while a few shops are on hand for essentials.

For accommodation here its hard to go past Stegna Akti Luxury Suites or Stegna Dream, both right on the beach and both with great breakfasts and wonderful sea view suites.

Overall, it certainly doesn’t have the frenetic pace or nightlife of Faliraki or even Lindos, but there is plenty for those hoping to enjoy a laidback beach break. As this is a quieter spot, transport is a little less plentiful.

Although there is a bus, we recommend hiring a car so you can take in more of the island’s attractions.


Located on the east coast between Rhodes Town and Lindos, Haraki is a former fishing village that’s been built up to offer a good selection of accommodation and restaurants. Although it’s become increasingly lively in recent years, it’s still got a more friendly and laid back atmosphere than some of the larger places to stay in Rhodes.

One highlight of staying in Haraki is the beautiful beach.

Right nearby the village there is a pebbly beach, however if you wander a little further (or get a taxi) you’ll find the gorgeous Agathi Beach with its calm, shallow water and inviting sunbeds. Another must-see if staying in Haraki is the nearby Feraklos Castle which overlooks the village, and is a great place to visit.

While Haraki doesn’t have the frenetic nightlife of some other Rhodes hotspots, it does still have a few places to have a casual drink overlooking the water.

recommended hotels in Haraki

Recommended Budget hotel : Haraki Village

Recommended mid-range hotel : Georgia’s apartments


It may not have the beach (at least not right on its doorstep), but Monolithos does have the castle, which attracts many visitors every day.

Despite this, Monolithos is actually a pretty quiet and charming place to stay, especially in the early morning and late afternoon/evening, when there are no daytrippers around and it’s nearly all locals instead. Located 73 kilometres away from Rhodes Town, it’s a lovely choice if you are searching for a slice of local life.

The area is surrounded by olive trees, which gives it all a very beautiful and picturesque atmosphere – especially with the historic hilltop castle not far away. Within the town, you’ll find a couple of traditional tavernas and hotels, but overall Monolithos is very much for the locals. We love Limeri Traditional Guest House for its old fashioned hospitality.

Relaxing is the most important thing to do in Monolithos, but you can also day trip out to nearby sites including the pretty village of Siana or to the Monastery of Skiadi.


While for some, being a fair distance from any beaches on Rhodes is unthinkable, Embonas has plenty of charm to make up for it.

This traditional village is well off-the-beaten-path in Rhodes, nestled inland of the central west coast and surrounded by hills. The biggest draw of this village is, well, the fact that there aren’t that all that many draws.

Instead, life in Embonas is about enjoying the simple things in life. There’s a traditional taverna for delicious food, a winery for tasty vino, and various walking trails up to vantage points over the island (Embonas is actually located halfway up Attavryos Mountain).

While it may not be for everyone, those seeking a slice of the simple life will surely love the beautiful white buildings dotted with flower pots, and the surrounding olive trees. Plus, if you have your own vehicle (highly recommended as public transport is limited), you’re never too far away from the other attractions of Rhodes.

The most popular place to stay in Embonas is Ataviros Hotel which has a great swimming pool making it a great choice even in Summer. For something really tradtional check out Rustic House.


As you can see, there are many places to stay in Rhodes. It all depends on what exactly you are looking for, as there are many choices.

Whether you want to party the night away in lively Faliraki, explore the nooks and crannies of charming Old Town or tuck yourself away in traditional Embonas, there are plenty of amazing choices.

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