Corfu is located in the northern Ionian Sea, opposite the coast of the Greek mainland and southern Albania, and is the west most part of Greece. Occupied over time by the Italians, French and British it became part of Greece again in 1864. Its long and colourful history and the influences from the occupying countries make it a fascinating place to visit.

Northwest of Corfu there are three small islands, named Othoni Mathraki and Erikoussa respectively, known as the Diapontian islands, and to the south are the islands of Paxos and antiPaxos. Together they form the Prefecture of Corfu.

Corfu is thought by many to be one of the most beautiful islands of them all and it’s easy to see why. Its a large island with verdant green hills and mountains and offers an impressive variety of flora, deserted beaches, crystal azure water, narrow paths through thick, perennial olive trees, Byzantine churches and medieval villages.

There are many traditional Greek tavernas, modern cafes and department stores as well as modern accommodation and amusement parks. It’s a boating and water sports enthusiasts paradise and it truly does cater for everyone from big All-inclusive resorts to tiny traditional rooms in local homes.

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