Arguably the best value and most fascinating region of Greece, The Peloponnese region on the Mainland is a must see destination for everyone.

Covering an area of more than 21,000 square kilometres the peninsula is located West of Athens and starts at the Corinth Canal, just one hour drive from the capital.

The Peloponnese has a rich and colourful history and is featured heavily in Greek Mythology. This is where the Mycenaean civilization thrived for centuries during the Bronze Age,  where King Agamemnon led his army to Troy, where the Spartans marched to war against the Ottomans, where Hercules did his 7 labours and where the Greeks battled the Amazons.

It is also where the first Olympics where held, at Olympia,  where  the Greek War of Independence started and is where the first capital of Modern Greece is located ( Nafplio).

Not only is the entire peninsula covered in ancient sites and wonders it also has a thriving agriculture with olives and citrus fruit in abundance. The Nemea wine region is one of Greece’s best and the Mani Peninsula is home to fascinating caves, beautiful beaches and unique architecture.