When people think of the Greek Islands they think of beautiful beaches and crytal clear, azure water but what many people don’t realise is that some of the best locations are actually on the Mainland. There are literally thousands of amazing spots ranging from fully serviced beach clubs to remote, isolated places that you could have completely to yourself. These are our pick of the best mainland Greece beaches to visit.


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mainland greece beaches

40Forty Day Night Bar, Astir

Athens and the Riviera

Just 30 minutes from the ancient center of Athens you will find the beginning of a long stretch of coastline known affectionately as the Athenian ‘Riviera’. Here you will find beach clubs, bars and restaurants to rival any you will find on the islands and a lot more on offer too. It’s a great spot to spend a few days especially on your way home, as it is only 20-30 minutes from the airport too.

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Mpati is one of the easiest beaches to get to from Athens, so it is mainly visited by locals.

Mpati Beach is a very nice sandy beach with shallow waters that make it suitable for families with smaller children.

The beach is only partially organized as it has lifeguards, showers, and dressing cabins, but you cannot rent sunbeds and parasols. At Mpati Beach, you will find a fenced kids’ playground, a tennis court, and a beach volleyball field. There are taverns on the far-left side of the beach where you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner.

There is no parking available at Mpati Beach.


Kalamaki Beach is located in Alimos, only eight kilometers from Athens. It’s a tiny beach with yellow-brown sand visited by different locals and travelers, which is why it gets crowded during the high season.

Kalamaki Beach has many amenities: a rental service of loungers and parasols, changing rooms, toilets, a lifeguard service, and beach restaurants. Around the beach, there are also great hotels you can stay in.

Kalamaki Beach is easily accessible, and a large parking spot is located directly on the beach side.


Glyfada Beach is located along the coast southeast of Athens and tends to be very busy during the summer season. The beach is pebbly, and the clear waters are perfect for a refreshing swim.

Glyfada Beach is free to enter, and it is partially organized. You will find showers, changing rooms, toilets, a lifeguard service, and some parasols. However, remember that parasols are rented out quickly in the early morning. There are no restaurants and bars on Glyfada Beach, but you can find places to eat nearby.

Glyfada Beach is easily accessible by local bus and by car, but there are no parking lots available in the beach’s proximity.


Kavouri is another wonderful beach near Athens. Popular with locals and guests from nearby hotels, Kavouri beach is well-kept and organized with sunbeds, parasols, changing rooms, toilets, and a lifeguard service.

The crystal-clear waters and the soft golden sand make Kavouri beach ideal for families with children and groups of travelers who want to relax at the beach or do activities such as paddleboarding.

There are lots of traditional restaurants at Kavouri beach, which is also easily accessible and has a parking lot located less than 100 meters away.


Situated along the Athenian Riviera, 30 minutes from Athens, Astir Beach is an exclusive beach club in Greece open to the public for a significant entry fee.

Surrounded by pines, Astir Beach is a 400 meters long sandy beach with incredible high-level facilities: besides lounges and parasols, there are restaurants and bars, boutiques, spa treatments, and free Wi-Fi.

At Astir Beach, you will also find the Astir Ski Club, the Beach Volley Courts, and the Beach Racquets Area.

Make sure to book a sunbed online in advance if you would like to stay at Astir Beach. A big plus? Sunbeds come with towels and a bottle of water!


Less than an hour away from the center of Athens, Voula Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the Riviera.

This sandy beach has pebbles on the periphery of the shore and in some spots into the water. However, the clear waters allow you to avoid the harder seabed.

Voula Beach offers several amenities: sunbeds and parasols to rent, a snack bar and restaurants, tennis and volleyball courts, water slides, and a children’s play area. You will also find toilets, changing rooms, and shower stalls. Voula Beach is public, so it’s free to enter.

You can easily get to Voula Beach by public bus, tram, or car, which you can park nearby.


Yabanaki Beach is famous for its soft sand and shallow waters. The beach is located in a wide bay, protecting it from strong winds and large waves, which makes it perfect for families with kids. In summer this is one of the most popular places for Athenian families to come after work and on weekends.

Yabanaki Beach is incredibly well-organized. Sunbeds and parasols are available for rent, and on the beach, you will also find toilets, showers, and changing rooms.

Sunbathing and swimming are only two of the countless activities you can do at Yabanaki Beach: play beach sports, such as volley, or water sports, like water skiing and windsurfing, to spend some fun time with your friends or family. There is also a kid playground with a train and a bouncy castle.

Yabanaki Beach is also full of food options, as you can decide among Greek, Italian, and fish restaurants.

Get to Yabanaki Beach by public bus or car (parking is available on-site).


Vravrona is a sandy beach located near Artemis town. Part of the beach has big rocks and is only organized with a limited number of parasols and sun loungers.

Vravrona Beach gets incredibly crowded in July and August, given its proximity to Athens and Artemis’s center.


Artemida is a nice sandy beach near Athens. It’s easily accessible by car and public bus.

The clear and shallow waters make Artemida Beach ideal for families with children. However, it is windy at times, and the sea gets rough.

Artemida Beach is organized with showers, toilets, beach cafès and restaurants from which you can rent parasols and sun loungers. There is plenty of parking available.


Marathona is a big beach close to Athens. The clear waters have usually waved as the area is quite windy.

Marathona Beach has sand and fine pebbles, and it’s only partially organized. A part of the beach is without amenities, and there is no natural shade. Another side is organized with sunbeds and parasols that you can rent from the nearby shop. There are also changing rooms and showers.

Around Marathona Beach, you will find many beach bars and seafood restaurants.


Schinias is a wonderful beach located in the bay of Marathon. The long strip of sand lined up by pine trees has a great reputation for crystal clear waters. The beach has a slight slope for safe entry into the water, which, paired with a few waves, makes it ideal for families with smaller children.

Schinias is a public beach, so it’s free to enter. You won’t find any facilities here: no sunbeds, parasols, toilets, or restaurants.


Karavi is a beach located near the historical city of Marathon. It covers 100 square meters, and this clean, sandy beach offers an incredible range of services.

You can rent sunbeds and parasols, but also play a wide variety of water sports and beach sports, besides relaxing in the sun. In Karavi Beach you will find four beach volleyball courts, a windsurfing school, and SUP boards to rent. It also has a lifeguard station, dressing rooms, showers, and Wi-Fi.

Karavi Beach is also awarded the Blue Flag, is free to enter, and has a beach bar and a restaurant on site.

There is private parking with a capacity for 1500 cars (under the shade).

Charakas and Cape 

Charakas is one of the most beautiful and clean beaches in Athen’s region. Well organized with sun loungers and parasols, toilets, changing rooms, and showers, Charakas Beach also offers two beach bars.

With only a 10-minute walk, you can reach Cape Beach: surrounded by cliffs, there are stairs to get to the sea. Cape Beach consists of many small coves enclosed by rocks. The long beach has diverse characteristics: sandy parts, pebbled sections, and rocky spots.

The entire beach is unorganized and completely unspoiled.

mainland greece beaches


mainland greece beaches


The Peloponnese

The Peloponnese is a large peninsula west of Athens that is considered by many to be where you will find the ‘real Greece’. It is heaving with history and archeology as well as an abundance of natural beauty, from waterfalls and olive groves to caves and mounuments. Add to that a vast coastline that is lined with amazing beaches, some of the best and most interesting in Greece.

Exploring the Peloponnese is a holiday all on it’s own and a couple of weeks will still see you wanting more. If pressed for time spend a few days in beautiful Nafplio to explore the wonders of the Argoli which is one of the highlights of the region and the closest to Athens.

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Tolo is located just east of Nafplio and is a newer town that is more geared towards the beach.

As a result, there are numerous seasonal hotels and summer accommodation choices on offer. It is very popular with families are the water is very calm and clear and shallow.

Valtaki Beach (sometimes called Selinitsa)

In the south of the Peloponnese on the eastern shore of the Mani peninusla is this beautiful beach, one of the most photographed in the region.  A lovely, Blue Flag beach with a pretty cool quirk – a massive shipwreck just a stone’s throw from the sand.

While some might argue the rusting tanker is a blight on the otherwise beautiful beach, it certainly adds a unique element to this Peloponnese beach. Not only does the shipwreck make for a very dramatic and somewhat eerie addition to the beach, but it’s also a favourite of mystery lovers.

There are many theories about why the Dimitrios was run aground and abandoned on Valtaki Beach, from escaping smugglers to eerie ghost ships to (the decidedly less fun) financial problems.

Whatever the truth behind the shipwreck, Valtaki Beach is a great place to explore, and you can also take a peek at the wreck.

The beach is located just one kilometre north of Gythio, a charming little port town where you’ll find plenty of cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Mavrovouni Beach

Just south of Gythios and spanning more than seven kilometres, Mavrovouni Beach is one of the largest beaches in the Peloponnese. Its sheer size is pretty spectacular, and the mountains and rolling hills off in the distance only add to its dramatic flair.

Most of the beach is more on the rocky side, with long stretches with coarse sand. In the summer months, you’ll find umbrellas dotted along long sections of the beach, offering some respite from the sun.

You’ll also find quite a few tavernas, cafes and bars along the beach and prices are quite good.

One unique feature of Mavrovouni Beach is that during turtle season, sea turtles (Caretta caretta) use the beach to lay eggs. Local volunteers do a great job protecting the turtles, and it’s certainly a thrill to spot a mother or her hatchlings.

Mavrovouni Beach can be windy, especially in the afternoon. While this can make it a bit less ideal for nervous swimmers, it’s great for windsurfers and kitesurfers who are sure to love the adrenaline rush of gliding over the sea here.

Skoutari Beach

Loacated about 20 minutes south of Mavrovouni this beach is pretty small (especially when the tide is in), and in many parts, it is a little more rocky than sandy. Nonetheless, it sits proudly on this list of beautiful beaches in the Peloponnese.

What makes Skoutari Beach oh-so-charming is the collection of adorable historic buildings that flank it.

There’s a couple of fishermen’s cottages as well as a beautiful but modest church. These buildings add to the charisma of Skoutari Beach and make it a favourite amongst photographers.

Thanks to its modest size, Skoutari Beach doesn’t get quite the foot traffic of some of the others on this list, although it’s still quite popular.

Just a stone’s throw from the water’s edge you’ll find a lovely taverna – it may look humble, but the views and food are exquisite. 


Limeni is one of the prettiest seaside villages in all of Greece and is much photographed for good reason. It is located on the western side of the Mani peninsula just below the lovely medieval town of Aeropolis.

It’s quite small and consists of a bunch of converted stone houses and mansions wrapped around a small bay with crystal clear azure waters. There are only a handful of cafes and tavernas and they are all excellent.

Whilst not a ‘beach’ per se there are various swimming platforms, some with ladders, to help you access the water and it really is a magical spot. This would be in our Top10 of places to return to in Greece very soon!


Located about ten kilometres away from the city of Pylos, Romanos Beach is one of the most popular in the Peloponnese.

Due to its popularity (and the large hotel nearby), this beach is not ideal if you’re seeking peace and quiet – but if you prefer your beaches bustling and lively, it’s a great choice.

Thanks to its popularity, the beach has a buzzing atmosphere with lots of amenities nearby.

At one end of the beach, summer sees plenty of umbrellas set up in neat rows – perfect for a day of sunbathing. Continue a little further on and you’ll find more families playing on the sand away from the umbrellas and cocktails crowd.

A beautiful horseshoe-shaped beach, one highlight of Romanos Beach is the soft sand and relatively calm conditions of the water. If you’re lucky, you might also spot some sea turtles who come ashore to lay their eggs.


It is impossible to have a list of the best Peloponnese beaches without including Voidokilia Beach. In fact, many visitors to this little stretch of heaven report it’s the best in Greece, and maybe even further afar.

 So, what is all the fuss about? One look at the pictures of this dazzling beach certainly give you an idea.

A perfect crescent shape, in fact it is the shape of the Greek letter Omega. Perfect white sand surrounds the central water, which is a variety of shades of dazzling blue.

It ranges from a deep navy in the centre to a brilliant cyan on the fringes, making it an absolutely spectacular sight.

 It’s no surprise that the reputation of beautiful Voidokilia has spread throughout Europe and beyond.

Although its fairly remote location keeps some of the crowds away, you certainly won’t be lonely here – especially in August, which is peak tourist season. However, having to share is a small price to pay to enjoy this beautiful beach.

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mainland beaches in greece
mainland greece beaches
best greek islands for teenage families

western mainland – other


Kineta is a beach town in West Attica, 55 km from Athens. Kineta Beach is one of the largest in the Saronic Gulf. With a length of six kilometers, it has fine pebbles and clear waters, perfect for swimming and having fun. The entrance to the water is quite sharp, so be careful if you are visiting it with children.

Kineta Beach is partially organized: you can rent sunbeds and parasols (but only a limited number are available) and grab a bite in the beachside snack bars and restaurants. 

Agioi Theodoroi 

Agioi Theodoroi Beach is located on a spacious coastline with fine gray pebbles and turquoise waters that are quite deep since you enter the sea. The beach doesn’t have a wave-protected swimming area, but there are usually no strong waves. Plus, there are only few boats in the area, so you will be perfectly safe while swimming. 

Agioi Theodoroi Beach is partially equipped as it has sun loungers and parasols, a beachside bar and a restaurant. It is free to enter, and you will find a parking lot nearby. 


Alkyonidos is a quiet and picturesque beach with sand. The seabed has pebbles and rocks, and it’s better to wear special shoes, especially because there are several sea urchins in the water. The area is protected from winds and waves, so it’s ideal for swimming. 

Alkyonidos Beach is not organized, so you will need to bring your own parasol and sun chairs. The beach is served by one seafood tavern. 

The road to the beach is walkable, and there is a wide parking area nearby. 


Flampouro Beach is in a stunning natural landscape, surrounded by rocky cliffs. On a short coastline with crystal turquoise waters, Flampouro Beach has black sand and pebbles. 

The beach has some amenities, including sun loungers, parasols, and a beach restaurant. It is easily accessible and has parking on site. 

Close to Skaloma town, Flampouro Beach is usually not crowded and is free. 


Prosili is one of the beaches of Porto Germeno, in the Gulf of Corinth, which makes it very popular among tourists.

Prosili Beach has super clean and warm waters, so it’s perfect for swimming and practicing water activities. It is surrounded by tree pines under which you can find some shade since there are no parasols available to rent. The beautiful cliffs of the bay and the crystal-clear waters make Prosili Beach incredibly picturesque. 

The seabed has small pebbles, and you won’t need special shoes to walk or enter the sea. Around Prosili Beach you will find several taverns where you can stop for a delicious local meal. 


Located in a beautiful cove, Saranti Beach has perfect crystal-clear waters and it’s just an hour away from Athens. 

A pebbled beach with trees offering natural shade, Saranti Beach is nestled among cliffs that protect it from the winds, so it’s ideal for families with children. Besides relaxing and sunbathing, Saranti Beach is a paradise for snorkeling and diving. 

Saranti Beach is mainly a free beach, but you can find a limited number of parasols and sunbeds to rent. There are also bars and tavernas on the beach where you can enjoy delicious meals. 

You can get to Saranti Beach by car and parking in the free parking space available. 


Monolithi is a special beach in the Prefecture of Preveza, in western Greece. It is the longest beach in the European Union, stretching for 22 kilometers. 

It has blue-green waters and very fine pebbles. The beach is perfect for everyone, as the waters are shallow, and there are no sharp objects on the seabed. 

Monolithi Beach is perfect for relaxation as it’s almost deserted even during the high season. It’s organized with sun loungers and parasols, toilets, showers, and beach restaurants and bars. 

There is a campsite located nearby, and many parking spots. 


Located on a sheltered bay, Kerentza Beach is a sandy and free beach mainly frequented by camper owners. The beach has incredible crystal blue and green waters, perfect for a relaxing day of swimming. 

Kerentza Beach is surrounded by trees that offer natural shade. Bring along chairs and parasols, as the beach has no amenities. 

Given that in the area nearby is suitable for wild camping, Kerentza Beach gets very crowded in high season. 

Agios Giannakis 

Agios Giannakis is a beautiful and wild beach on the shores of the Ionian Sea. Located in a small bay, Agios Giannakis Beach is the perfect choice if you are looking for total relaxation.

The beach is surrounded by pristine nature and is covered with sand mixed with white pebbles. The crystal blue waters and the rocky seabed make Agios Giannakis suitable for snorkeling. Given the gravel on the bottom, it’s better to use special sandals for swimming. 

Agios Giannakis is not equipped: the only infrastructure you will find is a small canteen for a meal break. 

You can get to Agios Giannakis Beach by car and then park along the winding stone-paved road that leads to the beach.

best sifnos beaches

Northern Greece

Bora Bora

Bora Bora Beach is located in the seaside town of Alykes Drosia. The beach is fully organized with sunbeds and parasols (expensive to rent), a playground area for children, and a beachside bar with music entertainment. The bar is great for a coffee or meal break. A part of Bora Bora Beach has grass and some trees for natural shade.

The beach has a large parking lot right next door.

Kalamia Arkitsa

In central Greece, you will find Kalamia Arkitsa, a wild beach that is usually uncrowded.

Free to enter, Kalamia Arkitsa Beach is narrow and has fine pebbles. It’s surrounded by tall reeds that offer natural shade. The beach is unorganized, so you won’t find facilities (like restaurants) or amenities (such as parasols, sunchairs, and toilets) there.

The shallow brown and green waters are perfect for swimming and for spending time having fun sup-surfing.

Kalamia Arkitsa beach is close to the road and easily accessible. You can park along the main road.


Located right on the Malian Gulf, Seraphim Beach is one of the best beaches in the area.

It’s covered in black-ish sand and pebbles, so you should wear special shoes to walk and enter the sea. The waters at Seraphim Beach are incredible with their turquoise color, and the many trees along the beach are perfect for hiding from the sun. Seraphim Beach offers basic amenities, so you can rent parasols and use the free showers and toilet.

There are a couple of traditional taverns 10 minutes away by foot, and on Seraphim Beach there is a windsurfing school where you can take windsurfing or kiteboarding lessons.

The beach gets pretty busy during the high season.


Pelasgia is a beautiful beach in Central Greece. Small and sandy, Pelasgia Beach has crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming. Some parts of the beach are protected from waves, and the water depth increases rapidly.

Pelasgia Beach is surrounded by lush vegetation. It is partially covered by trees, where you can find shelter from the sun, which is great given that there aren’t parasols (and sunbeds) to rent. However, the beach has free showers and changing rooms.

Pelasgia Beach is frequented by many people – both locals and tourists. It’s free to enter; a parking lot is 500 meters away from the beach, near a picturesque tiny church.


On the road that connects the towns of Larissa and Volo, there is the wonderful Kamari Beach.

Lying in the area of Mount Pelion, Kamari Beach is surrounded by green, tall trees and the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. The stunning cliffs around it render Kamari Beach a true paradise if you are looking for total relaxation!

The coast where Kamari Beach is located is small but quite spacious. Made of sand mixed with fine pebbles, Kamari Beach is sheltered from strong winds, and the total absence of waves creates the perfect environment for swimming.

The beach offers some amenities, such as parasols and sun loungers, and you will find a beach bar and tavern for a delicious meal break.

Nei Pori  

Nei Pori is one of the best beaches in the Central Macedonia region.

The beach is located in the town of Nei Pori, so it’s easily accessible by foot, public transport, or car, depending on how far you are from the town’s center. Given its central location, Nei Pori Beach is usually crowded in the high season due to the large influx of tourists.

Nei Pori Beach is a big sandy beach with fine pebbles to enter the water. The sea in the area is incredibly clear, and it’s perfect for swimming and doing water activities. In particular, Nei Pori Beach is ideal for those who love to snorkel and dive. Along the coast, several companies offer diving excursions and classes.

The beach is very well organized and has the following amenities: sun loungers and parasols, changing rooms, showers, toilets, a lifeguard service, and a beach restaurant. Nei Pori Beach also has a water park area with various inflatable toys.

The parking lot is located within 300 meters of the beach.


Ammolofoi is one of the beaches of Agios Athanasios settlement, just one minute from its center.

Ammolofoi Beach is located among gorgeous mountains, which create an idyllic environment with golden sand and turquoise waters. However, the coast is occupied by many resorts, which makes it crowded in the high season. Ammolofoi Beach is partially free to access, while the other part is reserved for hotel visitors.

The private beach is fully organized with sun loungers and parasols, changing rooms, showers, and toilets, and a lifeguard supervises it.

Besides beach restaurants and bars, at Ammolofoi Beach you will also find a volleyball court and rental services for water activities such as catamarans and jet skis.

Parking is located directly on the beach.


Ammoglossa Beach is located just outside Keramoti town, so it’s easy to reach. By car, it’s only seven minutes away, and you can park alongside the beach.

Ammoglossa Beach is on the westernmost tip of the coast, and it’s exclusively surrounded by nature. It’s the perfect place to enjoy quietness and relaxation. It has golden sand, smooth turquoise waters, and picturesque views.

The beach is free to enter and offers only basic amenities (toilet, showers, and a beach restaurant). The area is popular among camper owners, as wild camping is allowed.

best mainland greece beaches


mainland greece beaches

Monolithi Beach