Located in the Cyclades Islands, Milos is fast becoming one of the most popular islands in Greece, and it’s easy to see why. With geographical and historical sites to rival Santorini, the island is also renowned for its great food, unique fisherman huts and the spectacular Milos beaches.

This is a particularly popular spot for summer travellers who love the sea and the beach and these 14 beaches on Milos are the ones you need to check out. 

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Top Places to Stay in Milos

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When to visit Milos

The best times to visit Greece, including Milos, are April-June and September-October. The weather is mild and most places have few crowds. High season is late June to early September, and prices will reflect that as will the crowds, the number of cruise ships and accommodation availability.

Summer is still great, especially for beach time and islands like Milos. The water is warm, there are blue skies every day, boats tours and watersports and a fun holiday atmosphere.

Easter is an especially wonderful time to visit Greece as it becomes very festive with parades, parties, and on many islands bonfires , fireworks and other activities and traditions.

There are many festivals throughout the year that can vary for place to place and can be quite fascinating to witness.

Best beach and swimming weather: June to September
Best sightseeing weather: April to June and September/October


best beaches in Naxos

Sarakiniko Beach

One of the most photographed beaches in Europe, Sarakiniko is arguably the biggest drawcard of Milos.

After millions of years, the wind and the sea have shaped the white Neogene volcanic rock into an extraordinary landscape described by many as feeling very ‘lunar’.

The beach itself where you can swim is quite small and relatively protected so it is usually possible to swim even on windy days when it may seem unlikely from the rocks above.

There is a shipwreck, know as the Sarakiniko Shipwreck about 300 meters to the east which is good to dive or snorkel on calm days.

There is also a network of abandoned mining shafts to explore and everything is easy to access with a large carpark off the road and an easy stroll down to the rocks and beach.

There are no facilities here including toilets so come prepared. Also, there are sea urchins clinging to the rocks so be careful when swimming.


Where to stay in Sarakiniko, Milos

If you would like to stay somewhere with views of Sarakiniko and easy access as well then Sarakiniko View Studios are a great option and are located just west of the main car park.

Lemeri Apartments are also lovely or Lithos Luxury Rooms (adults only) are a stunning Luxe option located up near the main road with great views over the sea.


milos beaches

Papafragas Beach and Caves

Papagragas is another favourite with photographers and can be a bit hard to find as it is suddenly upon you as you drive towards Pollonia on the main road.

You will see a number of villas and houses on the left and just past the bend after the bus stop ( where there is a huge fig tree usually heaving with fruit in Summer), there will likely be a number of cars parked on the side of the road. Then there is a short track down to the beach.

This is a small beach that was once in a cave but the opening has now eroded and it is open to the sea. If it is a calm day it is a beautiful spot for a swim but there are no facilities here so most people don’t stay long.


Papafragas Beach Accommodation and dining


If you would like to stay nearby Papafragas then Astraeos have beautiful suites looking over the beach and caves and is a short walk. They also have an excellent cafe and bar.

A little further back from the road is Vesleme and Niriides, both with wonderful water views, and there is even a traditional Fishermans hut for rent that has to be one of the cutest in Greece.

milos beaches

Pollonia Beach

Pollonia Beach is a wide, shallow beach that runs along the bay to the north of Pollonia village, the main dining precinct of Milos.

It has a soft sandy beach and is largely protected, even on the windiest days, by the island of Kimolos across the strait.

This is a great beach to visit with small children and it’s common to see people playing games of volleyball and enjoying various watersports along here.

There are numerous shops and activities to do including fishing trips and boat hire in the harbour.

Further reading : A Complete Guide to visiting Kimolos


Pollonia Milos Hotels

We’ve had a lovely stay at Unique Milos Suites which are new, modern villas with their own patch of beach and beanbags. They are a 5 minute stroll into town and just beautiful. The family also run Flora Rooms next door which is a great budget option.

Right in the heart of the shops and tavernas is Kalimera Studios which are very comfortable or Delmar Apartments and Suites is another favourite of ours.

Pollonia Restaurants

Gialos is considered by many to be one of the best seafood tavernas on Milos and the views over the harbour give it wonderful ocean ambience too.

Rifaki and Enalion are the other two excellent beachfront places to dine and at the other end of the beach, Opsidianos Art Cafe Bar is a great spot for a coffee or a drink. Very rustic, with beautiful views.


milos beaches

Kastanas Beach

This beautiful beach is on the eastern side of the island and the last few kilometres of road are dirt so it is best accessed by a 4WD or Quadbike.

There are no services or amenities but it is a beautiful beach with crystal clear water, lots of coloured rocks and stunning rock formations of natural arches and polished pebbles.

Be warned this is one of Milos’s nudist beaches although it is generally very quiet. It is fairly exposed to the elements so not a good choice on a windy day.

Nearby Tria Pigadia Beach to the south is very similar.


best beaches in naxos

Plathiena Beach Milos

If you hike up to the Kastro in Plaka with its sweeping views of Milos, you will likely look north towards a small azure blue bay and ask yourself where it is. It is Plathiena, a lovely small bay with a  great little beach bar called ‘Plathiena Foodies Beach Bar.

It is easy to get to with car parking off the road and an easy walk to the beach.

The swimming conditions are generally very good and the water is crystal clear and the beach is mostly sand.

The taverna offers a handful of sunbeds and umbrellas for rent but they can get full quickly so it may pay to take your own too. It is one of the few beaches with some trees so you can also seek some shade from them.

The beach and kiosk are especially popular in the evening as the sunset from here is wonderful. This where a lot of locals go.


milos beaches

Papikinou Beach

Papikinous Beach is the main beach of Adamas and about a 10-15 minute walk from the centre of town.

Being on the interior bay of the island the beach is very calm and sheltered and the water is quite shallow for some distance so it is great for families.

There are lots of trees, activities for hire and several beach bars that offer sunbeds, including out favourite taverna on the entire island, O’Hamos.


Where to stay at Papikinou Beach, Milos


There are a couple of great places to stay along the waterfront here.

Olea Bay Hotel is superb as is Anamnisi. Nikos Sea View apartments are especially great for families, and just one street back from the beach is Iremia Rooms which is a great budget option.


best beaches in naxos

Agia Kiriaki

One of the many amazing beaches on the South coast of Milos is Agia Kiriaki which is in between Fyriplaka and Paleochori.

With striking white cliffs and white pebbles, the beach is long and the water is very clear and clean.

It is easily accessible and the road runs right along the beach with plenty of parking.

There is one very good taverna which is a great spot for lunch and they also rent sunbeds and umbrellas although they are limited.

There are several places where you can hire boats and/or do excursions and day trips including Armi Sea Excursions.


Where to stay at Agia Kiriaki

 This is a very quiet beach with only a few local houses and businesses.

You can, however, stay at Chrissi Ammos which is an excellent small hotel up on the point with great views over the Southern Aegean.

Further around the point is Psaravolada Hotel, a fairly isolated but lovely hotel that is usually heavily booked. Their breakfast is quite amazing as are the views!

best beaches in Naxos

Fyriplaka Beach

Considered by many to be the best beach on Milos, Fyriplaka Beach is a combination of all the best elements of all the beaches on the island – calm, protected, big imposing colourful cliffs, a white sandy beach, crystal clear water and good amenities.

It is also a very shallow beach so it is great for families and people who are not strong swimmers.

There is easy access with a large carpark and the island bus stops here too. There are sunbeds and boats for hire and a small beach bar, although toilets are back up near the carpark.

Inside tip – a great activity to do hear is a 3-hour kayaking tour which takes you around to various caves and bays in the area.


milos beaches

Provatas Milos

image credit: Muses Milos

Just west of Fyriplaka Beach is an area called Provatas which has two beaches,  Agia Sostis and Provatos Beach.

Again this a lovely, big, calm beach with clear shallow water and sunbeds.

There are boats for hire and a beach bar that services patrons with a great selection of snacks and drinks.

You can also do a a half-day boat tour to Kleftiko from here which is perfect on a windy day when the full day tours from Adamas are cancelled.


Provatas Accommodation and Dining

Muses Milos is a small hotel with gorgeous accommodation looking out over the sparkling sea. They also have a very good restaurant that serves fresh fish, lobster and other dishes with wonderful views.

Ninos House is close by and another great option is Maistrali.

Giourgas Studios are at the end of the beach and have their own private beach. Amazing value for money too!

Another dining option is Tarantella which is on the other side of the coast road.


best beaches in Naxos

Paralia Kipos

ALSO LEAVEThis is a very quiet bay located midway along the south coast of the island.

There is little sand to speak of and a lot of rocks but it’s not uncommon to see people swimming off the jetty as the water is generally calm and clear.

Some boat cruises for Kleftiko leave from here.

Paralia Kipos Accommodation

The only taverna is now closed down but it is possible to stay in the hills above the bay at Vigla Studios and Villa Kapari.


milos beaches

Tsigrado Beach Milos

Tsigrado Beach is much photographed but difficult to get to.

There are only a few places to park up on the road and then you need to hike down a rocky path to get to the beach. There is even one section with a ladder so if you have restricted mobility there are better beaches to visit.

The water is very clear and colourful and there is a big cave to explore as well.

Another popular way to visit this beach is by Kayak from nearby Fyriplaka Beach where you can rent watersports equipment and also small boats.


milos beaches

Paralia Paleochori Beach

One of the most popular beaches on Milos is Paleochori ( which translates to ‘old place’).

This beautiful beach is located on the southern coastline so is popular every day particularly when it is windy. It’s easy to get to with a big carpark and a bus stop too.

The imposing cliffs surrounding the bay are brightly coloured with the various minerals found on the island and there are some thermal springs running in the western part of the beach.

Paleochori is well organised with affordable sunbeds and umbrellas for rent and watersports equipment and boat rental on offer. It’s a great place to do some snorkelling and even spend a few days.


Paleochori Beach accommodation and dining

There are a couple of excellent tavernas right above the beach that serve good value greek meals and drinks.

Pelagos is the most traditional while Sirocco Volcanic is open all day including breakfast.

There is also Aqua Loca Beach Bar and the very popular Deepblue Beach Bar who also play music and have sunbeds.

There are a couple of excellent hotels too. Artemis Deluxe Rooms is a luxury hotel with a beautiful swimming pool overlooking the sparkling sea and a little further back on the road you will find Volcano Luxury Suites.


milos beaches

Kalamos Beach

Located between Paralia Agia Kiriaki and Firiplaka Beach on the south coast is Kalamos.

This can really only be accessed by boat or a fairly long, hot, hike from the coast road but it is worth the effort to see.

The coastline here is towering white cliffs, similar to Kleftiko but with a white sandy beach as well. The water is often very calm and very clear and it is largely considered one of the best beaches on Milos.

There are no services nor tavernas or rooms to stay but it is usually visited on the full-day tours of the island, or you can rent a boat from the nearby beaches.


milos beaches

Kleftiko, Milos

While technically not a ‘beach’ this is one of the most popular swimming spots on the island and one of the most photographed bays in the Greek Islands.

Kleftiko means ‘stolen’ in Greek and it was thought that this remote southern bay, full of caves and grottos, was where pirates would often hide with their various stolen treasures.

It is not accessible by road unless you are up for a very long hike, and there are no buildings or services but most of the boat trips visit here. There are also dedicated Kleftiko day trips that are perfect if it is a windy day as it is well protected.

There is also a popular Greek dish called Kleftiko which is essentially lamb wrapped in paper – once thought to perhaps have been stolen meat.

As you can see Milos has many wonderful beaches and some of the most incredible you may ever see.

This is a wonderful island to spend a few days or even a few weeks, and offers a relaxed, laid back vibe that the Greek Islands are famous for.

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milos beaches
milos beaches
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