Milos is an incredible island that is starting to gain popularity as word gets out about its amazing lunar landscapes, technicoloured beaches and delicious food scene. Its a lot quieter than Santorini but there is still quite a lot to see and do and you would not be disappointed with 5 days on Milos, or even a month on this island. Its not small and you will need a car but driving is easy. Working out where to stay on Milos will be your biggest challenge but this should help you find the best accommodation on Milos for you.

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There are no big chain hotels or all-inclusive hotels on Milos. Rather it has a number of small family-run hotels and some incredibly unique accommodation like converted fishing huts.

Choosing your Milos hotel largely comes down to personal preference. Some people will prefer to stay near the port which is also very central whilst others might prefer the more upmarket boutique feel of Pollonia or one of the tiny fishing or beach villages. Either way, you really can’t go wrong – it’s all marvellous!



Adamas is the main town of Milos and is also the port where the ferries come in and the cruise ships dock, although it is not a substantial port.

You will find everything here that most port towns have – souvenir shops, backpacker hostels, cafes, tour desks, and more. It’s very central to everything on the island and has a good mix of cultural activities as well as some nightlife.

recommended hotels in Adamas

Budget Hotel: Thalasittra Hotel

Recommended mid-range hotel: The White Suites

Recommended Luxury hotel: Miland Suites

For groups, there is a great apartment called White Rock which has 3 bedrooms, is beautifully appointed and an easy stroll to everything.


See all Adamas accommodation on Tripadvisor


where to stay in fira


Plaka is likely named after the historic district of Athens with the same name which has fairly ambiguous heritage still unclear today. It is the oldest part of Milos and up high in the hill behind Adamas where it was once more protected from pirates and other enemies.

Today it is a quaint village with the usual paved narrow alleyways filled with cafes, tavernas, and shops some of which have excellent arts and crafts including replica/souvenir ‘Venus de Milo’ after the famous statue which now lives in the Louvre.

There are amazing views to be had from several vantage points especially the Kastro ( castle) which is worth the steep, wobbly climb. Accommodation choices are limited but here you will experience a quite authentic stay that is very Greek and very Milonean.


recommended hotels in Plaka


Budget hotel : Chaido Rooms

Mid-range hotel : Drougas Windmill ( very unique!)


accommodation on milos


Pollonia is a charming seaside town at the very north-east tip of the island. It is full of small seafood restaurants, cafes and traditional tavernas as well as a good winery, a small fishing port, and the ferry that takes you over to neighbouring Kimolos island.

There are a number of small family-run hotels spread out along the bay and a couple of high-end boutique hotels. It is quite popular with European families due to the safe, calm beach and has a lively yet family-friendly atmosphere at night in summer.

Despite it being a fair way from many of the popular sites it is an easy drive in and out each day and quite close to iconic Sarakiniko.

You will also have to drive past the incredible pastry/bakery at the edge of town and I defy you not to go back for the chocolate pie every day. We spent 5 days in Pollonia on our last visit and would choose it for our next as well.

Recommended hotels in Pollonia


Budget hotel : Ostria Vento

mid-range hotel : Delmar apartments and Suites

Luxury hotel: Unique Milos Suites or Captain Zeppos Apartments

where to stay on Oia
where to stay on Milos

The fishing villages of Klima, Mandrakia or Firopotomas

One of the most endearing attractions on Milos is it’s quaint little fishing villages with their unique ‘Syrmata’ or fisherman’s huts, most of which are still in use today.

These colourful structures serve as storage for the fisherman and easy access to the sea at ground level with his sleeping quarters up above.

Some of these huts are now available for rent through Airbnb or as recommended below.

The roads down to the villages are sealed but they are narrow so drive carefully. The road to Klima is especially tricky but there is a nice Taverna and carpark at the bottom as a reward.

You really can’t miss these villages when visiting Milos and staying at one is a very unique way to holiday.

Accommodation recommendations in the Milos fishing villages

Budget hotel : Fisherman’s House – Klima 

mid-range hotel : 2 bedroom – Dream Boathouse 


where to stay on Milos
where to stay on Milos

Milos Southern Beaches

The best beaches on Milos are on the south of the island as they are generally protected from the wind, which can be particularly strong in summer. The beaches are also very distinctive and quite colourful with all the colours of the rainbow found in the volcanic cliffs and the pebbles.

There is a natural thermal spring at Paleochora which is a well-organized beach with many sunbeds and umbrellas for hire and several good tavernas up the top. There is a big car park and it is very easy to access.

Provatas is midway along the southern coast and is where some of the day cruise boats depart for Kleftiko. It is a bit more isolated and only a few tavernas but a very pretty spot.

Unless you plan on literally flopping and dropping you will need a car if staying at the southern beaches but you may not need one every day. There is also a public bus that services the busier spots.

Recommended hotels in the southern beaches of Milos

Budget hotel : Mar Nik Viillage 

mid-range hotel : Muses

Luxury hotel: Artemis deluxe rooms (image below)

milos hotels
where to stay on milos

Whether you stay in a hotel in Milos, a windmill, traditional house or Fisherman’s Hut I guarantee you are in for a wonderful holiday. Get in quick before the crowds from Santorini decide to detour to this magnificent Cycladic Island and don’t forget the other gems in the area such as Paros and Naxos too!

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