Paros may not have the super luxe beach clubs with the infamous beach parties of it’s close neighbour Mykonos, but there has been a growing number of great spots popping up around the island in recent years that are perfect for a laid back day by the sea. Here’s how to hang out a the best Paros beach clubs for a day, or three.


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paros beach club

 When to visit Paros for Beach Clubs

July and August are peak season and Greeks themselves have holidays in August and head to the islands along with many other Europeans. This is when the weather is hottest and the water temperature is fantastic.

Outside of these months, visiting in the autumn or in springtime means lower prices for accommodation and mild weather, but also the water temperature can be quite cool. Whether it is too cool for you has a lot to do with where you are from and what you are used to.

The Meltemi wind can really pick up between July and October, but it isn’t so bad that it will ruin your vacation. Most of these beach clubs are south facing or protected in a cove so are perfect almost any day.

*prices correct in June 2023

paros beach club

Paralia Beach Club ( formerly Tango Mar)

Located at Paralia(Beach) Parikia, a 10-minute walk from the main port of Paros and the port town with the same name is, despite being the cheapest, is also our favorite beach club and taverna.

Tango Mar is still unfazed by recent upgrades to sunbeds and umbrellas across the Cyclades, which usually come with high rental prices to pay for the new furniture. Sunbeds here are still old school and probably pretty old but they are very inexpensive.

The water here is calm and clear and a beautiful turquoise blue colour. It is also quite shallow so great for small children or nervous swimmers. 

The food is very good and very reasonably priced and the restaurant area is huge so even if you can’t get a sunbed you can likely sit for a bit to eat or drink until one becomes available. 

There is a big carpark around the back, just turn left before the road from Parikia veers right at the Sports Complex on the corner.

Open: 9:30 am to 7:30 pm most of the year.

Prices: €15 for two.

paros beach clubs
paros beach clubs
paros beach club<br />

Arodo Beach Bar Restaurant

Arodo is located further along the bay from Tango Mar on Krios Beach.

You can reach Arodo on foot from Livadia by following the coastal path (20 min) or by car. Marcelo beach is just 5 minutes to the west. There is also a small ferry boat from Parikia to Martcelo that can drop you off or pick you up directly at the restaurant.

There are umberellas and sunbeds for rent or your can book a table at the taverna. The food is fresh and the portions are generous and very reasonably priced.

Open: Lunch or dinner (the kitchen closes at 23:00)

how to get to paros

Marcello beach

Marcello is located directly opposite Parikia and is a calm, protected beach with good swimming conditions. There are a couple of beach bars and several places to rent chairs and umberellas if you wish.

Its a great place to spend a few hours watching the ferries and sometimes the cruise ships come and go.

You can get there by car ( there is some limited parking), a 30 minute walk along the beach tracks or on the small ferry that departs Parikia every 30 minutes in summer and also services nearby Krios beach too (see previous entry).

Open: 10am to 9pm most of the year

Sunbed prices: 

Marcelo – €40


paros beach club<br />

Anemos Beach Club

The beach at Kolymbithres is one of the most famous in Paros. It is located west of Naoussa in Plastira Bay and is surrounded by huge boulders of granite that have been worn away over the centuries into smooth platforms used by tourists to sunbake and relax.

The water here is shallow and crystal clear and there is a great Taverna right next to the beach called  Anemons which does great home cooked food. There is also another bar called Paros on the Rocks which is open in Summer.

To get to Kolymbithres you can drive and park along a number of sandy tracks or catch the small ferry over from Naoussa.

Sunbed prices – €10 for two 

paros beach club

Monastriri Beach/Parko Cafe

Paros Park, is an environmental and cultural reserve covering the peninsula of the bay that is home to the most popular town on the island, Naoussa.

It is made up of a monastery, a museum, an open-air theatre, a number of walking/hiking routes, and a couple of lovely beaches.

One of those beaches is Monastiri which now has a good modern taverna and sunbeds and umbrellas for hire.

The cove here is protected from the wind and the water is very calm making it an excellent spot for families with young children in particular.

Make a day of it and explore the whole park. There is ample parking on-site, and entrance is free.

Sunbed prices:

€40 for 2 – First Row
€35 Second Row
€25 – Third Row and Beyond

paros beach club

Santa Maria

Santa Maria is located about 10 minutes drive east of Naoussa and is surrounded by beach bars, tavernas, and restaurants.

Traditionally it has been very popular with Scandanavian families but is getting more popular with all visitors each year especially younger people who are attracted to the water sports and the beach bars, some of whom have DJs late into the night. Santa Maria Beach Bar rents out the sunbeds and umbrellas and offer a wide range of food, drinks and have watersports activities too.

There is a large camp ground called Surfing Beach Paros which also has a ( rather strange) mix of cabins and motel-style accommodations. There are a number of luxury villas available around the area.

Sunbed prices:

€40 for 2 first and second row

€50 for Cabanas

Santa Maria Beach Bar

paros beach club


Ambelas is a small village and beach about 15 minutes drive south of Naoussa on the east coast of the island, facing Naxos.

There is a small fishing harbour and man-made seawall that ensures calm water almost every day and a couple of very good tavernas on the beach, including the very popular Thalami, Chistianta, Blue Oyster and Aspro. The later two rent (fairly expensive but good quality) sunbeds and umbrellas while there is a gap in the middle the public can still use for free.

Its a great place for a long lazy lunch and swim and a bit of people watching too.

Sunbed prices: €40 for most €50 for front row

Aspro Paros Seaside Restaurant

paros beach clubs
beach clubs paros
paros beach club

Piso Livadi

Piso Livadi is a a small and picturesque fishing port on the south-east coast of the island. It is a working fishing village and some of the big charter boats leave from here as well.

There are a number of small excellent tavernas famous for their local seafood dishes. The beach around the harbour is shallow and calm but has cafes with beach chairs rather than sunlounges and umbrellas.

There are also several lovely, cheap and cheerful small hotels and some good boutiques and shops too.

The local bus service stops regularly at Piso Livadi or there is ample carparking available.

paros beach club

Punda Coast

Punda Coast is the biggest and one of the first beach clubs on Paros.

It is located on the southeast coast of Paros close to the town of Marpissa ( which is also home to the best Gyros on the island – O’Mylos).

Popular with teenagers on Greek ‘spring break’ Punda Coast is also used for events throughout the year, including weddings and beach parties with International guest DJs.

The complex is made up of a large central swimming pool, a cocktail bar and DJ booth, a restaurant, and the beach where you can rent sunbeds, cabanas, and hammocks for between 20 and 50 euros for the day.

Sunbed prices:

€25 to €40

Cabanas – €50 

Punda Coast

paros beach club

Golden Beach (Chrisi Akti)

If you’re into watersports then Golden Beach is the place for you.

Located at the very south of the island it can get very windy here especially when the Meltemi ( strong summer wind) is blowing. In fact they often hold the International Windsurfing Championships here.

There are some good hotels and tavernas and couple of places to rent windsurfers, kayaks, stand up paddle boards and wakeboards. There’s even a couple of funky shops and boutiques.

Blue Restaurant Bar is also a beautiful hotel and has a great restuarant that also rents our umbrellas and sunbeds along the beach.

Sunbed prices: €20 at Golden Beach Hotel


Blue Residence

paros beach club


Hidden away on the southern coastline you will be rewarded with a few wrongs turns when you finally stumble across this beach. Calm and clear with soft sand the water quality here is excellent.

There is only one taverna which also services the sunbeds and it has some really beautiful gardens as well. There is not a lot of accommodation around here but rather the sort of place you come to spend the day.

Sunbed prices: €35 to €45 for two

Faragas Beach Bar & Restaurant

paros beach clubs
things to do in Paros
paros beach club


This has long been a popular spot and is best known for its sheltered position and friendly service.

Located on the west coast of the island, around 10 minutes drive south of Parikia, there is plenty of parking, no loud music, and great swimming conditions for everyone with a wide sandy beach that is usually calm.

The food is very good and quite affordable, too. It’s also the best beach club on the island for amazing sunset views.

Sunbeds and umbrellas are cheaper than most places, and there is also another taverna along the beach called Zazala which is open during the tourist season.

Sunbed prices: €50 front row or €30- €40

How to get to Paros Beach Clubs


Paros Bus service

There is a good bus service on Paros that services the entire circumference of the island and many of the interior villages. Be sure to check the timetables first.


There are a few Taxis on the island but they can be hard to get in Summer. They can usually be found at the Port for ferry arrivals but it can pay to book in advance by phone if you need one.

Car and Scooter Rental

Hiring a car is highly recommended on Paros so you can discover for yourself the many things the island has to offer or even pop over to neighboring Antiparos next door.

Many Hire cars are manual and it is best to get a small one as parking can be very tight in many places! Most places will deliver to your hotel in Naoussa and many have offices at the Port and/or can meet you at the airport.

We use and recommended Discover Cars for car hire.

Water Taxis

There are a number of water taxis that take people out to some of the beaches. In Naoussa, you can catch the boat from the harbor over to Kolimbithres/Paros Park and Lageri Beaches, several times an hour in summer.

In Parikia, there is a similar small ferry that goes to Krios and Mercelo Beaches every 30 minutes during the tourist season ( April to October).

guide to naoussa

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