Lindos is a beautiful medieval town on the Greek island of Rhodes in the Dodecennase. It is the most impressive archeological site on Rhodes and is located in a large bay on the island’s eastern side. It is a popular tourist destination with beautiful beaches, historical sites, and spectacular views and there are many things to do in Lindos to immerse yourself in the town’s special atmosphere of local traditions and cosmopolitan culture.

Lindos is located on the east coast of Rhodes island in the Dodecannese group of islands in eastern Greece.

There is a small international airport on Rhodes and a big ferry port as well. People often visit Rhodes from Athens but it is possible to connect by ferry with other islands in the Aegean such as Symi and Crete and other destinations too, including Turkey.


Flying from Athens to Rhodes takes just 45 minutes and there are daily flights year-round with Aegean Airlines. In Summer there are also regular flights with Sky Express and sometimes other European airlines too.

You can also catch the overnight ferry from Athens to Rhodes which takes between 15 and 20 hours depending on the time of year, as it makes many stops along the way. The BlueStar ferries are like cruise ships with cafes, shops, and even a fine dining restaurant so if you book a cabin you can actually have a mini-cruise.


From Rhodes Airport and Rhodes Town to Lindos you can either hire a car, catch a taxi, book a private transfer, or catch the bus.

It takes about 40 minutes by car from the airport and 50 minutes from Rhodes Town, or just over an hour by bus. We use and recommend Welcome Pickups if you are wanting to pre-book a private driver.

If renting a car the road is modern and well maintained and easy to navigate with plenty of signage. There are many things to see and do along the way such as the Valley of the Butterflies and Tsampika Beach. Once you get to Lindos there are a couple of big carparks on the perimeter of the town. Ask your hotel which one is closest to them. 

Where to stay in Lindos


There is plenty of accommodation in and around Lindos. Staying in the old town has a lot of charm and there are so many shops and restaurants a short stroll away, although if you have a car you will need to leave it in one of the big carparks outside the town walls. There are also a number of bigger properties down by the beach, up on the hill behind the town, or in the adjacent coves and bay.

In the old town Melenos Art Hotel is arguably the most luxurious hotel and is located in a 17th century Lindian stone mansion. Up on the access road Lindos Portes Suites have an exclusive adults-only offering, as does Caesars Gardens Hotel and Spa at the back of the hill is a luxury hotel with full resort facilities.

It’s also worth checking out F Charm Hotel, a very hip, small, adults-only hotel in the old town that is only 5 minutes to St.Pauls Bay on foot. We also love Noema, a little further along towards the back of the hill with amazing views and a big terrace from some of their rooms.

Budget travelers love Chrysa Studios which are at the back of the old town with good views and car parking close by. Families and groups have great options at Lindos Sun Hotel which has triple and quad rooms on offer or Lindos Allure Villa which has 6 beds across 2 bedrooms and a jacuzzi!

things to do in Lindos

the rooftop terrace at Noema Lindos

Things to do in Lindos

The Acropolis of Lindos

Located on a hill overlooking the sea is the Acropolis of Lindos. It is 116 m above sea level, and you need to climb 250 stairs to get there.

The center of religious and socio-political life in ancient times, the Acropolis of Lindos also had an important role in the town’s life in Roman and Medieval times.

Right behind the monumental gate and medieval walls, there are several monuments to visit.

The Temple of Athena Lindia was built in the 4th century BC, and it has a beautiful Doric stoa and steps leading to the Propylaea.

Close to the Temple of Athena Lindia is the Byzantine church of St. John. Of medieval construction, the church was built on top of the remains of an older building, probably of Roman times.

Another great building on the site is the Lindo Castle, remade by St. John’s Knights in the 14th century.

Besides spectacular ancient ruins, the Acropolis offers the best viewpoint in Lindos, thanks to breathtaking views over the white houses below and the crystal-blue waters of St Paul’s bay. 

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday: 8 am – 7:40 pm 


Adults 12 €

Children under 18 years – Free

EU Senior Citizens & Students – 50% discount (Personal Document required) 

things to do in Lindos
things to do in Lindos

Saint Pauls Bay

The bay is made up of two beaches, Paralia(Beach) Agios(Saint) Pavlos on the southern side of the bay, and a small beach at the north which is closest to the town of Lindos by foot.

Both of these beaches have a good taverna/beach bar which rent sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as provide meals and drinks and toilets. In 2022 the cost of the sunbeds was 30euro for 2 and 50euro for a Cabana.

things to do in Lindos

Lindos Beaches

Lindos has two wonderful beaches to relax in. The main beach is Lindos Beach, located near the town’s main stretch of sand.

Also known as the Main Beach (Megali Paralia in Greek), Lindos Beach is sandy and has shallow blue waters, making it a perfect swimming spot. The beach has rocky edges for snorkeling.

Lindos Beach has various amenities, including sunbeds and parasols for rental, shops where you can hire inflatables and boats, and many cafes and tavernas.

Lindos has another gorgeous beach, Pallas Beach. It is smaller and quieter than Lindos Beach because it is not so easy to reach. To get there, you need to walk through the town and then down several stone stairways. Pallas Beach has small pebbles and calm, clear waters thanks to the shelter provided by the bay. There are sun loungers and parasols on the beach to rent, as well as a shop and a lovely local taverna serving Greek cuisine.

There are also some excellent beaches a little further out of town. Namely, Kavos Plaka and Pefki Beaches to the south and Vlycha Beach to the north.

things to do in Lindos

Ancient Theatre of Lindos

The Ancient Theatre of Lindos is one of Rhodes’ top attractions. Located at the foot of Lindos Acropolis, on the west slope, the Ancient Theatre was built in the 4th century BC. The theater comprises a circular orchestra, a stage building, and 19 rows of seats that could host up to 1800 spectators.

The Ancient Theatre of Lindos hosted the Sminthia, the festival in honor of the god Dionysos. During the festival, theatrical, musical, and athletic competitions and religious sacrifices were performed inside the theater.

Today it is possible to visit the ruins of the original theater: only the rock-carved sections are preserved. However, seeing the circular orchestra and parts of the rows of seats will give you a pretty good idea of how the theater looked like in ancient times.

To get to the Ancient Theatre of Lindos, you will need to walk for a short 15 minutes from Lindos’ central square. The theater has free entrance.

Sea Caves

Greece is a wonderful place if you love snorkeling and diving. In Lindos, the best snorkeling spots are the Sea Caves, located right around the corner from Pallas Beach. To get there, you need to walk past Pallas Beach and you will immediately see the first cave. The site is loaded with fish that swim around the rocks.

If you are a more advanced diver, several of the sea caves with impressive walls, large connecting domes, and incredible sea life.

Church of the Holy Virgin (Panagia)

On the highest point of the town, facing the Aegean Sea and providing breathtaking views of the surroundings, is the Church of the Holy Mary (Panagia), a significant historical and religious site.

The church was constructed in the fourteenth century and is regarded as one of the most significant specimens of Byzantine architecture in Greece. It has beautiful frescoes and mosaics that date back to the original building, a cruciform shape, and a dome in the center. The bell tower was erected in the 16th century and sits apart from the main structure, which is one of its most distinctive characteristics.

Greek Orthodox Christians from all across Greece travel to the church as a significant place of pilgrimage to honor the Virgin Mary.

Tomb of Cleobulus

Cleobulus the Lindian was one of the Seven Sages of Greece and is credited with authoring several famous aphorisms. This tomb is believed to be his final resting place and is located just north of Lindos on the western peninsula. It makes a moderate hike from town and it is not possible to drive. While you are there you can see other remains on the headland including the Old Windmill and Lindos Fountain.

The tomb is a small, square-shaped structure made of white marble and measures approximately 3 meters in height. It is decorated with relief sculptures depicting scenes from the life of Cleobulus, including his famous saying “moderation is best” in ancient Greek script.

In addition to its historical and cultural significance, the Tomb of Cleobulus also offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including the Aegean Sea and the town of Lindos. Visitors can climb to the top of the hill where the tomb is located to enjoy panoramic views of the area.

Shopping in Lindos

Lindos is a fantastic place to go shopping! Around town, you will find pretty boutiques, market stalls, and shops. What’s so special about Lindos’ shopping scene is that it mainly sells traditional Greek crafts like jewelry, embroidery, and ceramics.

A fantastic shop that sells handmade craft items and souvenirs is Kori Lindos which sells jewelry, clothes, bags, books – everything here is created by local up-and-coming designers and artists.

Another great shop where you can get your hands on Greek-inspired jewelry is Lindos Art Gallery You can shop at this venue also if you are looking for paintings.

Thanos Leathershop Lindos is a charming little store with high-quality handmade leather products. From sandals to bags, you will surely find something you like here! Likewise Clo*sto which stock beautiful high end Greek fashion labels and accessories.

Make sure to pay a visit to Pestemal Lindos, a shop that sells pestemals, woven fabric in rectangular shapes often known as ‘turkish towels’. Loomed from cotton, linen, and bamboo in various colors and designs, pestemals can also be used as clothing items (like scarves and pareos) and house decor (as tablecloths and sofa covers).


things to do on lindos

Lindos Restaurants Cafes and Bars

Lindos might be a little town, but it has plenty of amazing restaurants, cafes, and bars where you can live special moments during your holiday.


In Lindos, you can find restaurants that use fresh ingredients to make traditional and international dishes and serve locally-produced wines.


Mavrikos is renowned for being the best family-run taverna in Lindos. Located right in the main square of Lindos, Mavrikos has been mentioned even in the New York Times.

Opened in 1933 by a local family, Mavrikos serves traditional Greek and Rhodes specialties with a gourmet twist and are prepared with locally-grown ingredients.

Make sure to try Mavrikos’ most famous dish, cuttlefish ink risotto. Besides the delicious menu, Mavrikos has a pretty stunning venue: an all-white and pebbled courtyard that will surely steal your heart.


Melenos is a rooftop restaurant inside the Melenos Art Boutique Hotel. This restaurant has breathtaking views over the Acropolis and the Aegean Sea, and it has been carefully designed with a gorgeous decorative pebble mosaic floor and modern furniture.

At Melenos, you will eat Greek dishes made using only fresh seasonal ingredients, so the menu changes every time.

If you are looking for a luxury dining experience or a romantic one, Melenos is the perfect restaurant in Lindos for you.


Another rooftop restaurant in Lindos, Byzantino serves excellent Mediterranean food on a beautiful terrace right under the Acropolis. The menu offers a wide range of options, from seafood risotto to fillet steaks.

The high-quality and attentive service, the restaurant’s modern decor, and the adequate prices make Byzantino one of the top places to eat in Lindos.

Blue Fin

You will find Blue Fin restaurant inside Aquagrand Luxury Hotel. Located just off the beach, Blue Fin offers amazing sea views and a romantic atmosphere.

The restaurant specializes in gourmet Greek-Rhodian fusion cuisine and serves mainly fish and seafood dishes. With an excellent service and wine list, Blue Fin is only open for dinner and is high-end.

things to do in Lindos
things to do in Lindos
things to do in Lindos


Greece has a long tradition linked with cafes. The kafeneio was traditionally a place where (mostly) men gathered to chat and drink. Although the traditional kafenion scene is little present in Lindos, you will find plenty of contemporary cafes here.

Melia Cafe Lindos

Near the pedestrian drop-off at St. Paul’s Bay, Melia Cafe Lindos is a lovely spot where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast or a quick lunch. This cafe serves traditional Greek and international desserts, Italian Coffee, and island-inspired cuisine as well as refreshing beverages, such as milkshakes or freshly-made juices.

Melia Cafe Lindos is only open during the summer season.


Located on the side of the hill at the foot of the Acropolis and overlooking Lindos Beach Broccolino is a beautiful cafe and a great spot to grab a bit with a view. It’s very small so its a good idea to book ahead and we highly recommend the Bruchetta! It’s lovely at sunset too and it is open for dinner during  summer.

Village Cafe

Village Cafe is located in the center of Lindos, close to the road leading up to the Acropolis.

This snack bar and cafeteria is the perfect spot to enjoy a moment of greek easiness. At Village Cafe, you can have a delicious breakfast or brunch, as the cafe serves all kinds of snacks and drinks, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

The excellent food quality and the top-notch greek coffee make Village Cafe one of the top cafes in Lindos to visit during the summer season.

Eklekton Brunch & Wine Meze

In the middle of Lindos’ busy souvenir streets, Eklekton Brunch & Wine Meze is a fantastic cafe where you can enjoy delicious breakfasts, brunches, and lunches. This trendy cafe has a secluded rooftop with tables and chairs, which makes it the perfect spot for sipping on a great espresso or smoothie. The menu offers many options, like gyros, club toasts, and omelets. Thanks also to the friendly staff, fast and precise service, and welcoming atmosphere, Eklekton is one of the best cafes in Lindos, an unmissable must!


As the sun begins to go down in Lindos, you might feel like sipping a cocktail while admiring the sunset. Opened until late, there are many bars in Lindos where you can also enjoy an after-dinner fun time.

Cozze & Champagne

With the long name Cozze Champagne Rooftop Cocktail Bar Restaurant, this establishment is perfect for enjoying a chich aperitif or after-dinner cocktail with a priceless view of the Acropolis. High-quality premium spirits, an impressive selection of gin, and signature cocktails are served in a lounge setting where relaxing music gives way to Rhodes’ top DJs playing deep house and afro tunes into the night.

Lindian Apollo

Lindian Apollo is a small family-run bar and restaurant with a relaxed vibe and a super friendly staff. At this venue, you can taste excellent drinks and enjoy a cozy feel. For the best experience, ask for a balcony table to drink while admiring the white roofs of Lindos’ houses and the blue sea in the distance.

Lindos by Night

Lindos by Night is the perfect bar for enjoying a drink and the sea breeze. This cocktail bar has been open since 1982, and the outdoor courtyard with the view of the Acropolis in the background makes it the perfect evening venue.

Lindos by Night has a tempting drinks menu and a great music selection thanks to the DJ set that animates every night.

Dreams Cocktail Bar

One of the top-rated Lindos bars, Dreams Cocktail Bar has a beautiful panoramic terrace with a view of the ancient Acropolis is among the things that make this venue special. The building has mosaic flooring from the classical era and a decorative fountain that will make you feel like being in Ancient Greece time.

Everything else is very modern: the cocktail menu and the DJ music help create the ideal spot for a fun night out.

things to do in Lindos

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things to do in Lindos
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