Choosing 21 of the most beautiful places in Greece is not an easy task.

The reality is we could have included hundreds of places in this article – it truly is one of the most diverse and picturesque countries in the world. It’s one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations and has so much to offer couples, families, groups and solo travellers alike.

After much deliberation, these are our picks, based on not just their immense beauty but also their uniqueness and the ability to stand out from all the others.

We hope this provides some great inspiration for your visit and that you can manage to put quite a few on your itinerary.



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When to visit Greece 

Whilst Greece is home to some of the best beaches and most romantic sunsets on the planet there are many things to see and do year round.

Summer in Greece is over June, July and August and is the ideal time to spend at the beaches and waterfalls while Spring and Autumn are excellent for hiking and exploring Ancient Ruins, Caves and Archaeological sites. August is also the busiest and most expensive month of the year whilst many islands close their tourist ‘season’ down between late October until Easter each year.

Most people would say that May – June and September are the best times to visit Greece, when the weather is great as are the prices and the crowds.

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Oia, Santorini

top things to do in greece

It’s no surprise that Santorini tops our list of the most beautiful places to visit in Greece.

Magical sunsets, breathtaking views, enchanting restaurants with divine food and ambience, luxurious Villas hidden in caves – it really has it all. Plus there are enough activities and things to do to keep things fun and interesting.

Oia is widely regarded as the most beautiful village on the island with its iconic blue church domes, high end hotels and restaurants, windy alleys and amazing sunsets. It’s located at the very northern tip of the island which means that tour buses and traffic are unable to access it, adding to its cache.

Some of Oia’s key highlights are;


  • the famous sunsets 
  • incredible views over the volcano’s Caldera
  • cruises on the Caldera
  • infinity pools
  • Cave Hotels
  • world class bars and restaurants
  • stunning photo locations
  • excellent shopping, especially for Art & Jewellery
  • small Galleries and Museums 

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Where to stay in Oia

Most people are happy to pay a premium for a view of the Caldera but there are plenty of options for all budgets.

Some places are particularly perfect for people honeymooning on Santorini too.

For a truly unforgettable stay, Canaves Suites are one of the most Instagrammed hotels in the world or check out Art Maison Oia Castle and Andronis Suites, all of which have some of the best views in Santorini, or anywhere for that matter!

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Insider tip


” Hands down one of the most romantic things to do on Santorini is a sunset cruise. Sailing on the Caldera at the end of the day, champagne in hand and witnessing one of the world’s most incredible sunsets unfold really is unforgettable.

You can join one of many small cruises with a group or hire out your own private charter for even more indulgent memories”

Sandy - Greece Travel Secrets


most beautiful places in Greece

Very different to Santorini, Kefalonia is located in the Ionian islands, which are close to Italy and therefore have strong Venetian influences in the Architecture rather than the white sugar cube style synonymous with the Cyclades. 

Assos is a small, seaside village on the north-west coast of the island and is one of the prettiest in Europe. Accessed by a narrow, windy road and home to only a handful of hotels and apartments there are several excellent tavernas and cafes and a beautiful calm bay. 

This is the sort of place where you can really get away from it all, and its very affordable too.

Some of Assos’s key highlights are;

  • colourful Venetian buildings
  • 30 minutes south to world famous beaches such as Myrtos Beach ( below)
  • excellent tavernas and cafes including and Hellenic Taverna on the hill above 
  • a venetian castle on the point
  • peace and tranquility
  • the colourful fishing village of Fiscardo is only 30 minutes north
  • a secluded bay and nearby beaches
  • maintain ranges and hiking trails


Where to stay in assos 

If you are travelling with friends or need an extra few beds then look no further than Villa Vivere in Assos. Jaw-dropping views, an infinity pool, and absolute self-contained luxury only metres from the beach.

Otherwise, incredible Braunis Horio has spectacular views and is stunning  (Adults Only) or charming  Linardos Apartments are a very budget friendly option and are one of the brightly coloured building just above the bay.

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Naoussa, Paros

most beautiful places in Greece

We’ve taken our extended family to Paros several times and travelled there with friends a lot but year in, year out, we keep going back especially when it is just the two of us.

Whilst it is one of the best Greek Islands to visit due to its wide array of sights and activities and particularly the town of Naoussa with its stunning fishing harbour ringed by excellent tavernas and bars, lively nightlife and windy alleys full of boutiques, galleries, cafes and shops. Many say it is the perfect Greek Island village!

Some of the key highlights of Naoussa are;

  • the lively and fairly upmarket fishing harbour
  • good beaches and seaviews
  • a very good winery
  • lively nightlife – a smaller, cheaper version of Mykonos 
  • fantastic dining choices including Statheros right on the beach, SoSo tucked away in a back alley and Yemeni Taverna
  • excellent shopping including high end boutiques and artisan stores
  • small local ferries to other excellent beaches in the Bay
  • easy day trips to Antiparos, Naxos and even Mykonos and Delos
  • sailing trips  

Where to stay in Naoussa

There is a good number and variety of Naoussa hotels, from cheap backpackers to luxury villas.

We love to stay at Paliomylos Hotel and Spa where Greek/Aussie Chrys and the team deliver the most efficient yet friendly service in town. Other places that are great for couples in Naoussa are Senia and Lilly Residence which has an adults-only policy.

For families and groups check out Zoumis Studios who have excellent 2-bedrooms apartments or Harmony Apartments which can sleep up to 6 people. 

You could also rent 4 and 5 bedroom villas at Acron Villas. A 7-minute drive from town, looking back over it and next to wonderful Kolombithres beach and local ferry. 

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visit meteora

The Meteora Monasteries are located close to the city of Kalambaka in Greece, near the Pineois river and the Pindus Mountains, about 360km north of Athens.

The word “Meteora,” means “hovering in the air” which, whilst a literal description of the famous monasteries, also shows just how otherworldly they are.

The complex is made up of twenty-four Eastern Orthodox monasteries that were built on giant sandstone rock pillars between the 14th and 16th centuries. 

This UNESCO world heritage site is truly one of the most remarkable and visually beautiful places you will visit anywhere in the world. Even if you only have 1 night to spare on your trip to Greece you will not regret the effort to visit Meteora for a moment!

Where to stay in Meteora

The nearest town to the Monasteries is Kalambaka which wraps around the foothills of the complex on the western side. Adjacent to Kalambaka is the charming village of Kastraki.

We love to stay at Doupiani Hotel, Kastraki which is great for all types of travellers and one of the closet hotels to the Monasteries as well as having incredible views of them. In fact it is feasible to walk to two of the monasteries from the hotel with not too much effort.

If this is booked out then we recommend Hotel Kastraki which is just around the corner or Tsikeli Hotel for an adults-only experience.

If you are travelling in a group and would like to stay in the area a while ( which I strongly recommend!) then check out Zosimas House which has 2 bedrooms, can sleep 6 people and has amazing views. For something even bigger then Vista delle Rocce has 3 bedrooms and can sleep up to 8.

Hotels in Kalambaka that we recommend are Hotel Kaikis and Epavlis Hotel.


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Paleokastritsa, Corfu

most beautiful places in greece

Long before The Durrell’s hit our TV screens Corfu has been charming people for centuries with its beautiful mix of Venetian and neo-classical architecture, stunning beaches and proximity to both the Dalmatian Coast and Italy.

Whilst some pockets are largely populated by large all-inclusive resorts there are magical gems such as the 5 bays that make up the village of Paleokastritsa, which translates to ‘old castle’. This is a place that remains one of the best holidays of our lives and transforms from a busy tourist destination during the day to a quiet magical paradise in the evenings.

Some of Paleokastritsa’s key highlights are;

    • Paleokastritsa Monastery
    • numerous gorgeous beaches
    • numerous secluded coves, caves and bays
    • a huge variety of water sports and boating
    • self guided hikes on the Corfu Trail
    • have a night out at Archontiko and also at Nausika Taverna where the meat roasts on a spit out front and young men dance with fire 

Where to stay in Corfu

In Paleokastritsa, we stayed at the wonderful Zefiros Hotel, a small cheap and cheerful pension across the road from the beach. You can just see its distinctive red walls through the pine trees in the photo below.

The rooms were basic but comfortable and breakfast was amazing. I can still picture those fat lazy bees buzzing around the honey. For something more upmarket look at Akrotiri Beach Hotel which is right next to Akron restaurant. 


Fishermans Villages, Milos

most beautiful places in greece

Milos is often described as the new Santorini as it also has extraordinary landscapes and topography due to the shared volcanic geology. This has resulted in a strong and very interesting mining industry as well as a multitude of colours and extraordinary rock formations.

One of the other things that makes Milos stand out from the other islands is the colourful ‘Syrma’ or Fishermans Huts. Many of these are still being used today while some have been converted to self-contained accommodation.

There are 3 main fishing villages, Klima, Mandrakia and Firopotamos although you will also see the huts around other parts of the island and on neighbouring Kimolos Island too.

Milos is also home to some of the best food in all of Greece and without regular cruise ships, tour buses and even many local tours, the crowds are low and the overall vibe is laid back and largely authentic.

Some of the key highlights of Milos are;


Fishermans huts for rent in Milos

Blue Sea House is one of our favourite Syrma and is at the end of the row in Klima. It can sleep 6 people in 4 beds and two sofa beds and is wonderfully appointed with great attention to detail.

Vasealis and Seaf  Syrma is also very cute and can sleep 4 with a King bed in the bedroom and a sofa bed in the living room. Its been recently refurbished and has lovely views from the terrace out over the sea.

In Mandrakia, SeaScape is a lovely little white house that sits above the Fishing Huts below and is right next door to the only taverna ( which is excellent), Medusa. Seashell is just a few meters away and can sleep 4. Book both and take over the village!

In Firopotamos Vilos Suites are right on the lovely, calm beach and are the most stylish in that bay. Only around 10 or 12 people stay in Firopotomas of a night, even in summer!

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Hydra Town

transport in greece


This island is a perennial favourite with people looking for an authentic Greek Island vacation at a slower pace. With no cars or scooters, Hydra is also known as being the birthplace of the original bohemians including Leonard Cohen and friends and is especially good for solo travellers and people who aren’t just chasing the sun and the beach.

Hydra is easy to get to being in the Saronic Islands, the closest group to Athens, although it is only accessible by sea. The weather in the Saronic Gulf tends to be quite mild and less affected by wind and weather events than other island groups.

Highlights of Hydra include:

  • Hiking on Mount Eros
  • Swimming from the cliff-top bars and tavernas
  • Browsing the great galleries and boutiques
  •  Visiting the fascinating Museums including the Museum of Hydra, Lazaros Koutouriostis Museum and the School of Fine Art
  • finding Leonard Cohens House 

Read our Complete Guide to Hydra for more

Hotels in Hydra town

Most visitors to Hydra stay in Hydra Town (also known as Idra). It’s basically impossible to land on the island without taking in the beauty of Hydra Town. The town is wrapped around the island’s port, which is also one of the most beautiful sights on the island.

Here, you’ll find most of the island’s amenities and attractions.

The bars of Hydra Town have long attracted an eclectic mix of visitors – from 1970s rockstars to local Greek youths indulging in a good time. Equally, there’s lots of diversity in the dining options too – from small traditional tavernas to upmarket restaurants.

So, if you want to be amongst the action on Hydra, then Hydra Town is probably your best bet.

Amaryllis Hotel is a great budget friendly hotel that is centrally located.

We love Hotel Sophia  a small, family run hotel right in the heart of the Old Town and steps away from the Harbour, or for a bit of extra luxury hotel check out Hydrea Exclusive Hospitality.

If you want to be right near the water and surrounded by complete peace and tranquility then head around the point to Mandrakia and stay at either Villa Mandraki or Mandraki Beach Resort.


No time to stay on Hydra?

Do a fully day tour of the Saronic Islands from Athens


most beautiful places in greece

Located on the western coast of the Mainland overlooking the Ionian Islands Parga is a beautiful town built in the shape of a theatre around a small port.

Not only is the town vibrant and colourful but there are numerous coves and bays to explore with crystal clear water and great swimming spots. Considered one of the prettiest Mainland towns in Europe Parga is a great choice for a holiday as it is a convenient gateway to many islands, while feeling a lot like an island itself.

Some of the things to see and do in Parga are:


  • Venetian Castle of Parga – built in the 11th century and later fortified by the Venetians and Turks. 
  • Ali Pasha Castle
  • Acheron River (see more below) – The Ancient Greeks believed that this river led to the gates of Hades. The river is surrounded by waterfalls and lush green forests and is a popular place for swimming and rafting.
  • Monastery of Panagia Vlacherna 
  • Aphrodite’s Cave – Take a boat and explore the caves. A stunning spot to swim in the azure water.
  • Ecclesiastical Museum – Located next to the church of Agioi Apostoli in the city center of Parga. 
  • Numerous beaches – including Valtos, Town and Lichnos Beaches.
  • day trips over to the island of Paxos and its magnificent Blue Caves 

Parga hotels, houses and apartments

Couples looking for luxury and absolutely stunning views of the sea will find it hard to beat Irida Boutique Hotel on the point. Many of their spacious rooms have large terraces and there are some with private Jacuzzis too.

 Families and groups love Parga Beach Resort with its huge range of activities, private beach and great pool. Most of their rooms sleep 4 comfortably and many are adjoining others. Villa Rossa is also right on the beach and is a more boutique experience in an old converted tobacco factory.

If you are looking for a villa that is completely self-contained and very private check out Villa Valtos who have a villa with a private pool and sweeping sea views, or Villa Ektoras, high on the hill behind the town which can sleep up to 7.


Acheron River

most beautiful places in greece

Located less than 30 minutes inland from Parga is the beautiful Acheron River.

In Greek Mythology this was believed to be where the gates to Hades (Hell) were located and the river represented a physical barrier between mortals and the Underworld. It was often referred to as ‘The River of Woe”.

The river runs for 52 kilometres in the regional unit of Epirus, in North West Greece.

Today is it a tranquil spot for people to visit and swim with picnic areas along its banks. It’s also a popular spot for rafting.

If you are a nature lover or a mythology buff be sure to put this on your list!


Where to stay on the Acheron River

Most people who visit the Acheron stay in Parga and do days-trips ( see above).

It is possible to stay in the small town of Gliki as well. Piges Hotel is right on the springs and has a restaurant by the river.

Another great option is Hotel Eirini, which has wonderful views of the valley and bright, spacious rooms.


Limeni, Peloponnese

limeni village

Located on the western side of the Mani Peninsula Limeni is one of the most beautiful villages in all of Greece, if not Europe.

Much photographed on Instagram it is actually a very small and rather new seaside village on a narrow coastal road.

Limeni is a beautifully restored and maintained village located in a small protected cove with crystal clear, azure water, right below the charming and very authentic town of Aeropoli which is another good choice for accommodation. There are a number of outdoor activities and boat rides on offer in Limeni as well as a dive center.

Whilst there are only a handful of tavernas and cafes the quality is exceptional. One of the best meals we have ever had anywhere was at Telonio and the views at sunset make it even more special!

Things to do in and around Limeni:

  • Swim with the sea turtles in the stunning aquarmarine water at Dexameni Beach
  • Go diving with the Dive centre on local reefs and wrecks
  • Visit Diros Caves – one of the most important historical sites in Greece. Here you can join small boats rides that go in through the underground lakes where remains of humans and jungle animals have been found from antiquity.
  • Spend the afternoon on nearby Itilo Beach
  • See Pikoulakis Tower – 1821 Revolutionary Museum in Aeropoli
  • Enjoy the stunning sunsets over the Mediterranean and hear jackals howling
  • Explore all the delights and beauty of the rugged Mani Peninsula


Limeni Hotels

There are a couple of very charming boutique hotels in Limeni and they are all just meters from the water. Mavromichalai is a gorgeous, small, luxury hotel on the waterfront in a restored 18th-century tower house and is hard to beat although Vasilios Apartment Hotel has commanding views on the hill above and is somewhat less expensive. They are both truly fantastic places to spend some time.

A short drive up the road at Aria Suites and Spa, is a modern, luxury hotel that feels much like a village itself with beautifully designed rooms and apartments with spectacular views over the sea.  Bassa Maina hotel is right next door and quite stunning as well, albeit at a higher price point.

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Monemvasia, Peloponnese

limeni village

The Castle Fortress of Monemvasia dates back to the time of the Byzantine emperor Maurice, who founded the city in the year 582 AD. It is completely unique and a must-do if you are visiting the Peloponnese.

Once an island joined to the mainland by a small rock wall it was deliberately designed to blend into the mountain it clings to and therefore not be seen by enemies at sea. It was a thriving seaport during the time of the emperor Andronicus XII and after the occupation by the Ottomans, which lasted up until the early 19th century.

Today it is home to a number of small hotels, cafes, tavernas, galleries and shops as well a few remaining landmarks that speak of the tumultuous and rich history of Monemvasia, including the Church of Agia Sofia and the Church of Jesus Christ in Chains, both worth a visit. 

Monemvasia Hotels 

There are several boutique hotels and rooms to rent so you can experience Monemvasia at night, which many say is when it is at its most charming and revealing. 

If you would prefer to stay on Monemvasia itself the quaint and affordable Goulas Guesthouse has great views and few stairs, whilst Likinia Hotel is brand new and has all the modern conveniences with many historic elements.

You can also stay on the Mainland and look back over the fortress. Quaint and affordable Goulas Guesthouse has great views and few stairs, whilst Likinia Hotel is brand new and has all the modern conveniences with many historic elements.

Stunning  Kinsterna Hotel is located high on the hill and is considered one of the best hotels in Europe. Situated on a sprawling estate the Byzantine Era mansion houses a luxury spa, two swimming pools and an award-winning restaurant. The gardens are quite magnificent and include a vineyard, herb and vegetable garden and animal farm. The hotel produces its own wine, cheese, olive oil, bread, soap and more.  


Amvrakikos Wetlands National Park

most beautiful places in greece

Greece is famous for its islands and stunning coastline but there are in fact some incredible inland waterparks and lakes as well. 

Right near the West Coast is the Ambracian Gulf, which comes in off the Ionian Sea and, due to its ecological importance, is home to one of the most beautiful National Parks, Amvrakikos.

Covering almost 400km2 this is one of the largest wetlands in Greece and is where the rivers Louros and Arachthos empty.

The area is home to numerous animals and plant species including one of the last bottlenose dolphin colonies. There are also numerous turtles, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and insects as well as almost 300 species of birds, many endangered. It is a critical location for Europe’s migratory birds and a major breeding and resting ground for many.

As you can imagine the Park is a paradise for nature lovers and many stay several weeks each year to volunteer and help out or to join wildlife expeditions.

There are also some interesting historical sites nearby such as the hilltop fortress of Rhodia and the legendary Old Bridge of Arta.


Amvrakikos Wetlands Accommodation

Most visitors to the Park stay in either Preveza, which is a large coastal town with an airport, or the villages of Vonitsa, Sparto or Mendi that surround the lake.

Dionisos Hotel is a popular choice as it is on the oceanfront but a short drive to the park and downtown Preveza.

Delfini Hotel in Menidi is also worth looking at with its clean, waterfront rooms and excellent taverna. They have generous family rooms and families love it here due to the calm, shallow water.

One of our personal places to stay is Koronisia Apartments in Koronisia, a tiny town right in the middle of the lake, accessible by a long, narrow causeway. The town has only a handful of houses, a church and a couple of tavernas and is completely surrounded by water. A very unique place to stay!

Pyrgi, Chios

most beautiful places in greece

Chios is a large island located in the Northern Aegean group and is just off the coast of Turkey. It is a fascinating island and has a number of unique points of interest including several Medieval Villages.

Located around 25 kilometres from Chios Town Pyrgi ( pronounced ” Per-yee”) is the largest medieval village in Chios and most will say the prettiest.

Often called ‘The Painted Village’ every house is decorated in intricate paintings and etchings, painstakingly done by hand. The houses date back to the 13th and 14th century and the decorative work dates back to 1665 and was initiated by a Cretan painter called Antonios Domestichos.

A lot of the designs are done in black and white with a little blue, grey and brown thrown in. They are known as ‘xysts’ and are similar to what you may see in a Genovese village in Italy. This is likely due to the fact that Chios was under Frankish occupation at the time Pyrgi was settled.

Today more than 1200 people live in Pyrgi and there is a lovely big shady square where you will find old men happily drinking coffee and playing backgammon each day. Most of the residents are employed in the making of Mastica or other agriculture.

There is an impressive Byzantine church hidden in the backstreets as well as 3 lovely Greek Orthodox churches worth seeing too.

Pyrgi, Chios Hotels


Accommodation in Pyrgi is quite limited, which is a good thing. This is not the sort of place we were want to see brand name hotels or resorts.

There are a few unadvertised rooms for rent in the village but you will have to book upon arrival ( and find a sign). Most people stay down at a beach village and visit on a day trip.

Xista Manor House is one of the only places to stay and it is a very good, 2 bedroom traditional house.

Sideratos Apartments are stylish self-catering apartments on the seafront in Karfas with great sea views and just a short stroll into the village centre. These are great for families and groups.

For something, that’s super value for money also check out Emporios Bay Hotel which is located in the quiet, southern fishing village of Emporios Bay with excellent tavernas and close to remote beaches.

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Chania, Crete

3 weeks in greece

Chania is one of the most popular places to stay in Crete, and also one of the most charming.

It offers a stunning beautiful Old Town, where you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time as you wander the laneways.

Over the years, Crete has been influenced by many different groups – the Minoans, the Ancient Greeks, the Venetians and the Ottomans. Each one has left their own visible marks on the island and particularly on the Old Town in Chania.

That’s what makes walking around Chania Old Town so spectacular. The narrow laneways are a mix of architectural styles and traditions, giving them a charming hodge podge appearance. They’re the perfect place to stop and sip a coffee, or perhaps to sample some of the delicious Cretan cheese produced on the island.

For ancient history buffs, one highlight is the excavated ruins in the Kastelli hill neighbourhood, which are believed to date back more than 5,000 years to when the city was known as “Kydania”.

Highlights of Chania and surrounds include:

Further reading: Things to do in Crete 


Chania hotels and apartments

Cretan Renaissance has amazing views over the sea and is perfect for couples and solo travellers.

If you are looking for something with character and great views right on the Venetian Harbour then check out Porto Antico, where we have stayed with our own kids in a family room, at a very budget-friendly price too.

Monastery Estate is a high-end luxury hotel with all the mod cons and amenities you would expect as well as self-contained villas while The Romantic Beach House is great for groups and families with 3 bedrooms and 6 beds.

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Anafiotika, Athens

most beautiful places in greece

The most popular neighbourhood for visitors to stay in Athens is Plaka, a very pretty area right at the foot of the Acropolis with lots of car-free space, great tavernas and bars and many galleries, museums and ancient sites within a short walk.

Within Plaka is an even smaller place called Anafiotika, one of the oldest suburbs in Europe.

Located on the highest part of the north-eastern side of Acropolis Hill this area is made up of several narrow, winding streets, both colourful and white-washed houses, great little tavernas and cafes and lots of stairs.

It is one of the prettiest, most authentic parts of Athens and has great views back over the city, especially at night. Many people say its like being out on one of the islands instead of in the middle of one of the world’s great cities.


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Anafiotika Hotels


There are many places in and around Plaka to stay ( and we especially love Athens Was and Home & Poetry), but being so small your options in Anafiotika are much more limited. Still, how nice to be able to walk right outside and be in the middle of this beautiful spot.

 Acron Athens is smack bang in the centre and is a new, small hotel with lovely rooms that can sleep up to 4 people. Well priced too!

Other hotels just a 5 minute walk away are Acro & Polis and Plaka 360 Apartments, both excellent and both with amazing Acropolis views too.

Families and groups looking for something big and full self-contained should check out Aldis Mansion by K&K and Lilly’s House, both with 2 bedrooms. There is also a great 4 bedroom villa called Athenian Niche, which can sleep up to 10 people. 


Vouliagmeni, Athens

most beautiful places in greece

Lake Located on what is often referred to as the ‘Athenian Riviera’ Vouliagmeni is a lovely seaside suburb with great beaches and very unique hot springs.

Located only 40 minutes from the ancient centre and 30 minutes from the airport this is a great alternative for people who have already visited Athens before and/or are looking for a few last days at the beach before returning home.

It is also close to Cape Sounion where the incredible Temple of Poseidon stands overlooking the sea. It was built to fortify Athens against invading forces and to honour the God of the Sea.

There are a number of excellent accommodation choices, including the only Four Seasons in Greece, as well as good beaches clubs, tavernas and many cafes.

The thermal lake is believed to be very therapeutic. It is located just a short walk back from the beach and is open to the public for swimming and snorkelling. There is also a nice café on-site and a range of spa treatments and activities.

Highlights of the Athenian Riviera include:

  • Do a sunset cruise around Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon
  • Spend the afternoon at Lake Vouliagmeni
  • Enjoy the vibrant beach and lightlife with the locals
  • Hike up Faskomilia Hill for the perfect photo location and views for days
  • get into some water-sports at Vouliagmeni Nautical Club
  • shop in trendy Glyfada – a short taxi ride north
  • do a bike tour of the area including the lake 

Vouliagmeni Hotels and Apartments

As mentioned the stunning Four Seasons Astir is located on the end of the peninsula on Astir Beach and is one of the most luxurious hotels in Greece.

The Margi is another luxury hotel that is popular with couples while Azur Hotel is a good all-rounder.

Right near the thermal springs is Vouliagmeni Suites, a small boutique hotel with family rooms. Families and groups also like Beachside Bungalows.

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Book a day trip to the athenian riviera

Short on time but would love to visit the Riviera?

Have Terry and the team show you the area on a full day tour in private air-conditioned comfort

Lindos, Rhodes

most beautiful places in greece

Nestled near the southern end of the island, Lindos is a charming town that is in close proximity to a number of great beaches and attractions. It has become an upmarket destination for visitors to the island as it’s Old Town and archeological sites have, thankfully, kept big hotels and resorts at bay.

In particular, Lindos is extremely convenient for the Acropolis of Lindos (as you’d expect), meaning it’s a great choice for history lovers.

The popularity of Lindos as a base on Rhodes means that the town enjoys many great amenities.

There’s an excellent selection of tavernas, shops and bars to enjoy, so it’s an excellent base for exploring the island. In addition, Lindos is well connected to Rhodes Town and elsewhere on the island by public transport, so it is a good choice even if you do not have your own vehicle.

Highlights of Lindos, Rhodes:

  • The Acropolis of Lindos
  • Enjoy the excellent beaches including Lindos Beach and nearby St Pauls Bay
  • Explore the Tomb of Cleobulus of Lindos
  • See the ruins of the amazing Ancient Theatre of Lindos and the Temple of Athena
  • dine under the stars at any of the amazing tavernas and soak up the lively bar scene at night


 For couples and small families its hard to beat Lindian Polis with their chic 2 bedroom apartments, great views of St.Pauls Bay and outdoor jacuzzis. In fact couples are spoilt for choice in Lindos with a number of excellent places to choose from including Lindian Pearl and Melenos Art Hotel. There are also several adults-only places such as Caesars Gardens and Casita Casita, that are excellent.

If you are looking for something right on the beach the St.Pauls Bay Views suites are the way to go.

Families and groups should also check out Lindos Anatoli Luxury Villa – a wonderful, big 3 bedroom house that has panoramic views of the whole area or Traditional Lindian Suites who have modern, luxury apartments.

Solo travellers have good options too. F Charm lives up to its name as a charming small hotel with beautiful, chic decor and home made produce, or CasaLindos Cottage, both tucked under the Acropolis and in amongst the windy alleys which are perfect to explore.

 Further reading:

Things to do on Rhodes


Panagia Kakaviotissa, Limnos

most beautiful places in greece

Located on top of Kakavos mountain on Limnos island, the church of Panagia Kakaviotissa is one of the most incredible Greek Orthodox places in the world.

Built inside a partially-open cave this is the only church in the world without a roof and has naturally become a popular tourist attraction as well as a place of worship. It takes about 20 minutes to drive to the nearby carpark from Myrina Port or 90 minutes to hike.

Panagia Kakaviotissa has been part of the Megisti Lavra Monastery since 1305 AD, when monks from the island of Agios Efstratios settled there when fleeing from the Ottomans.

The ascetic monks, who lived a strict lifestyle of prayer and fasting lived in the surrounding caves in the mountain and built the church for their liturgies and prayer. Eventually, the Monks left to live on Mt Athos ( see below).

The church still holds a service every year two days after Easter, when the holy icon of Panagia Kakaviotisa is returned to it. It is a unique ceremony attended by many Limnos locals as well as visitors.


Accomodation on Limnos

Limnos is a fascinating island for many years yet is often overlooked by tourists.

The island is home, not just to this incredible Church but also to Salt Mines, Flamingo colonies and one of only two deserts in Europe. There are also significant historical and archeological sites to explore.

Most visitors choose to stay in the port town of Myrina where Limnis Gi and Afrodite Hotel Apartments are very popular.

Amigdalies is also excellent with traditional  2 bedrooms apartments that have views over the castle and the sea. 


Mount Athos

most beautiful places in greece

Mount Athos is one of the most fascinating places in all of Europe.

It is both a mountain and a large peninsula in North Greece covering over 330 km2, that is used only by Greek Orthodox Monks.

It is often called the ‘Holy Mountain’ and is home to over a dozen monasteries, several of which are some of the biggest and most impressive in the world.

The island is governed as an autonomous polity within the Hellenic Republic (Greece) and is officially called the Monastic State of the Holy Mountain and the Athonite. Some of the structures are over 100 years old with foundations dating back to the 4th century.

Not only is it visually stunning and spiritually fascinating but one of its most unique facts is that all females are banned, even female animals. In fact, the monks refer to it as the ‘Garden of Virgin Mary’. All people who live on Mount Athos are men over the age of 18 who are either Monks or workers.

It is even difficult for males to visit with permits issued, in advance, to only 110 people a day – 100 lay Orthodox and 10 non-Orthodox. The permits are valid for 3 days and visitors can stay in several of the monasteries for a modest fee.

While it is not possible for most foreigners to set foot on Mount Athos you can do boat trips around the peninsula from several places in the Halkidiki area including Thessaloniki.


most beautiful places in greece

Kastellorizo is a small island that is not just one of the prettiest in Greece but also one of the most isolated. 

In fact, this island is just 1 mile off the coast of Turkey yet 78miles ( 125kms) from the nearest Greek island, Rhodes. It is the Easternmost location in Greece.

This isolation and its significant Ottoman influence has made it very popular in recent years with people looking for a very unique and off-beat Greek island experience.

There is only one town on the island, Meyisti, and a big mountain range. The island is mainly made of Limestone so is quite bare but there are stunning sea caves and coves to explore, as well several neighbouring islets.

The island has been under foreign occupation numerous times and has been a point of much contention between Greece and Turkey. The main harbour is lined with colourful Venetian mansions and there is still evidence of both the British and French occupation too.,


Kastellorizo Hotels

With just one small town on one small island accommodation is limited.

Megisti Hotel and Poseidon are considered the best on the island and have been consistently good for years. Both have great views of the harbour and very comfortable rooms. 

There are a couple of small houses for rent on Airbnb as well and it is still possible to find unadvertised rooms for rent around the harbour, just ask around. 



most beautiful places in greece

Metsovo is a traditional Greek town in the Pindus Mountains in Epirus in Central Greece.

Once an important town on the inland trading route where it was highly regarded due to its wool and textiles industry today it is full of wineries, tavernas, art galleries,  traditional-style hotels, fantastic tavernas and lots of small shops selling the local handicrafts, produce and wine.

The people in this part of Greece are called ‘Vlach‘ or Aromanians, meaning their ancestors are from a ‘romance-speaking‘ ethnic group native to the Southern Balkans. This means many of them still speak the Aromanian Language which shares a lot of common words with Greek

It is also a very popular spa town in winter when it is often covered in snow and frequented by people seeking the nearby snowfields.

The town is surrounded by forests and has views right over the nearby valleys so it is also a wonderful place to fish, hike and cycle.

Located right by the new, modern Egnatia Highway which goes right from Igoumenitsa on the West Coast (gateway to the Ionians) up to Thessaloniki it is also near the turnoff down to amazing Meteora if driving from the west.

This is one of the prettiest Mainland towns in Greece and is highly recommended as a place to stay a few days, especially in winter, spring or fall.

Highlights of Metsovo:


  • The Averoff Gallery – showcasing some of Greece’s best artists
  • Katogi Averoff Winery – one of Greece’s most successful high-altitude wineries. The also have a hotel!
  • Tsanaka Folk Museum
  • Boulouvar Cascades Waterfalls
  • Anilio ski centre
  • Metsovo Square – the heart of the town

Metsovo Hotels

There are a number of great places to stay in and around Metsovo. Two in particular stand out as being somewhat exceptional even by Greek standards.

Archontiko Metsovou Luxury Boutique Hotel is a restored mansion with sweeping views of the mountains and a spa centre with a sauna and hammam. Many rooms have fireplaces and spa baths.

 Nearby you will find modern Aroma Dryos Eco & Design Hotel with spacious luxury rooms, amazing views and complete tranquility. Many rooms here also have fireplaces and there are family rooms as well. 


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most beautiful places in greece
most beautiful places in greece

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